Basic Electrical Training Courses

  • Basic Electricity
    Begin with the basic principles of electricity to make it easier to grasp more advanced topics. Also, get to understand the principles of operation for specific equipments found on the job.
  • Basic Laws of Electrical Circuits
    Master the basic laws of electrical circuits to successfully analyze typical problems with circuits and equipments. Here you will learn Ohm's Law and Kirchoff's Law.
  • Conductors and Insulators
    Learn the fundamentals of conductors and the means to prevent current flowing. After this course, be able to describe the characteristics of a good conductor, state the main classification types of conductors and list a minimum of five types of insulation.
  • Electrical Power
    Understand the definition of electrical power and list different units to measure electrical power.
  • Electromagnetism
    Learn the basic principles of electromagnetism to understand how motors, generators and servos work and how they are controlled. After the course, you will be able to describe the four characteristics of a magnet, the meaning of flux density, and the role of the "left-hand rule."
  • Resistors
    Resistors are found in nearly every electrical and electronic circuit. Learn how to use Ohm's Law and Kirchoff's Law to solve for unknown circuit quantities.

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Course Titles

  • Foundation Series
    • Industrial Facility
    • Systems
    • Industrial Safety
    • Industrial Mathematics
    • Preventive and Predictive
    • Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
    • Environmental Awareness
    • Computer Basics
    • Print Reading
    • Industrial Science
  • Mechanical Series
    • Bearing Maintenance
    • Industrial Hydraulic Fundamentals
    • Lubrication Concepts
    • Mechanical Transmission Systems
    • Pipes and Pipefitting
    • Precision Measuring Instruments
    • Pumps
    • Rigging
    • Shaft Alignment
    • Static and Dynamic Sealing
    • Valve Fundamentals
    • Welding Fundamentals
  • Electrical Series
    • Motor and Motor Control
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Circuit Protection
    • Transformers
  • Instrumentation & Control Series
    • Intro to I&C
    • Process Measurement
    • Programmable Logic Controllers
    • Process Analyzers
    • Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Industrial Electricity and Electronics
    • Basic Electricity Principles
    • DC Circuits
    • AC Circuits
    • Motors and Servos
    • Semiconductors
    • Power Supplies
    • Digital Electronics
    • Print Reading

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