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Before OSHA was established, there were few governmental regulations protecting workers from job site hazards in the United States. As a result, workers suffered injuries and illnesses from workplace safety threats they didn't even realize were there. For close to 50 years, OSHA has been chipping away at health and safety concerns in all states, including Colorado, to keep Americans safe on the job.

But like most government regulations, OSHA's rules can be confusing. Standards vary by industry and state. To help you understand the OSHA Colorado standards, let's review OSHA's training recommendation and how to get them. We'll also talk about why training is so important for Coloradans in all industries, but particularly construction.

Individual Course

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course

OSHA 10 Outreach for construction covers 29 CFR 1926 regulations. DOL card included.

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Individual Course

OSHA 30-Hour Construction Course

OSHA 30 Outreach for construction covers 29 CFR 1926 regulations. DOL card included.

189.00 159.99
Individual Course

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Course

OSHA 10 Outreach general industry covers 29 CFR 1910 regulations. DOL card included.

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Individual Course

OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Course

OSHA 30 Outreach general industry covers 29 CFR 1910 regulations. DOL card included.

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Individual Course

OSHA 10-Horas Curso en Español Para Construcción

El alcance de la OSHA para la construcción cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1926.

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Individual Course

OSHA 10-Horas Curso en Español Para Industria General

OSHA Outreach industría general cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1910.

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Individual Course

OSHA 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Construcción

OSHA 30 Outreach para la construcción cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1926.

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Individual Course

OSHA 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Industria General

OSHA 30 Outreach general industría cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1910.

189.00 159.99

OSHA Colorado Training Requirements

Unlike other states, Colorado has no occupational health and safety regulatory program of its own (often called a "state plan"). Coloradans fall under federal OSHA control instead. OSHA jurisdiction covers most private-sector workers.

OSHA mandates training on certain topics. In Colorado, its 10-hour and 30-hour "Outreach" courses are not required by federal OR state regulation, but OSHA Colorado does recommend Outreach training as a general orientation to safety. Outreach courses also typically cover common required topics for their industry.

Even when Outreach training isn't required by law, many Colorado employers will require it as part of their safety training obligations. OSHA 10-hour courses are designed for entry-level workers, and OSHA 30-hour courses are designed for supervisors.


We offer OSHA 10-Hour ConstructionOSHA 30-Hour ConstructionOSHA 10-Hour General Industry, and OSHA 30-Hour General Industry to meet your OSHA training needs.

Not sure where to start? Read our guide.

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OSHA Training Requirements Guide

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Benefits of OSHA Training for Workers in Colorado

The aim of OSHA Colorado safety training is to increase employees' awareness of workplace hazards and the risks that exist on their jobsites. With better knowledge, employees are more equipped to prevent accidents, illnesses, and fatalities.

Employers can also benefit from their investment in OSHA training programs. Training helps them:

  • Avoid OSHA inspection penalties
  • Lower costs like workers' compensation claims
  • Improve their productivity and financial performance

It's easy to say that awareness keeps workers safe and lowers costs. But let's look at the numbers provided by OSHA, the Department of Labor, and other Colorado agencies. They provide valuable insight into the role safety training can play in preventing fatalities, injuries, illnesses, and fines.

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Fatal Occupational Injuries in Colorado

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 77 fatal occupational injuries occurred in Colorado in 2017. Nationally, there were 5,147 fatal occupational injuries.

Of the 77 Colorado fatalities:

  • 38 happened as a result of transportation incidents
  • 14 happened as a result of falls, slips, and trips
  • 8 happened as a result of contact with objects and equipment
  • 11 happened as a result of violence and other injuries by persons or animals
  • 3 happened as a result of exposure to harmful substances or environments
  • 3 happened as a result of fires and explosions

Fatalities were distributed amongst Colorado's industries as follows:

  • 19 in construction
  • 12 in transportation and warehousing
  • 8 in administrative and waste services
  • 6 in mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
  • 5 in retail trade
  • 4 in agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
  • 4 in leisure and hospitality
  • 4 in local government and 1 in unspecified government
  • 3 in manufacturing
  • 10 in other private industries

Between 2001 and 2015, workers' compensation paid an annual average of $812 million in Colorado in benefits. That includes fatal and nonfatal claims.

2018-2019 Top OSHA Enforcement Cases in Colorado

Colorado workers—especially those in construction—risk injury and accidents on the job. OSHA Colorado training can mitigate those risks.

It can also reduce the risk of penalties resulting from OSHA inspection.

OSHA lists the top enforcement cases on its website by state. Here are the top Colorado cases from 2018-2019.

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State Inspection Number Employer City Issuance Date Initial Penalty
CO 1363509.015 Ridley USA, Inc. FORT COLLINS 02/14/2019 $45,084.00
CO 1345178.015 Capco, LLC GRAND JUNCTION 01/28/2019 $49,917.00
CO 1323059.015 ContractOne, Inc. GRANBY 12/06/2018 $57,463.00
CO 1345298.015 Carmelo Construction, LLC AURORA 09/14/2018 $59,127.00
CO 1329499.015 American Dream Home Improvement, Inc. COLORADO SPRINGS 08/16/2018 $92,391.00
CO 1304854.015 Hammers Construction, Inc. COLORADO SPRINGS 08/16/2018 $97,002.00
CO 1305349.015 West Side Fabrication, LLC COLORADO SPRINGS 06/14/2018 $52,846.00
CO 1281249.015 EnviroTech Services EVANS 05/18/2018 $64,857.00
CO 1279160.015 DCP Midstream LP BRIGGSDALE 05/03/2018 $46,602.00
CO 1285724.015 Clear Creek Skiing Corporation GEORGETOWN 05/03/2018 $64,673.00
CO 1261379.015 West Side Fabrication LLC COLORADO SPRINGS 01/09/2018 $114,230.00

Federal OSHA Offices in Colorado

Since workplace safety for Colorado employers and workers falls under federal jurisdiction, OSHA has two local area offices in the state of Colorado: one in Denver and one in Englewood.

You can find their contact information on OSHA’s website, should you need to get in touch for any reason.

Additional Colorado Resources for Safety Information

You can also visit the following Colorado state agency and association websites for more information on workforce services and safety resources.

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE): The CDLE provides workforce services to Colorado employers, workers, and job seekers. That includes handling workers' compensation, processing unemployment claims, and enforcing labor law.

Colorado State University (CSU)'s Occupational Safety & Health Consultation: This program provides free consultation services to help small businesses comply with OSHA regulations, cut medical expenses, reduce injury rates, and lower workers' compensation costs. Funded by the US DOL and delivered by CSU employees with advanced degrees in occupational health and safety, OSHA consultation services can help you identify hazards, improve occupational safety and health management systems, and even qualify you for a one-year exemption from OSHA inspections. No fines, citations, or penalties will be issued as a result of consultations.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)'s Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP): Similarly, the SBAP provides free support, education, outreach, and advocacy to help small businesses become and stay compliant with environmental regulations.

CSU's High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health & Safety (HICAHS): This multidisciplinary program works on health and safety issues in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries. Their site contains resources for ATV safety, chainsaw safety, dairy safety, farmer stress, respiratory safety, and wildfire smoke information for anyone who works outdoors.

National Jewish Health's Division of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS): Colorado is lucky enough to have the leading respiratory hospital in the nation, with a team that focuses on the detection, treatment, and prevention of pulmonary diseases that result from occupational or environmental exposure. They offer free screenings to miners and former Department of Energy workers, among other services.

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