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Our confined space safety training courses teach you how to stay safe while also maintaining compliance with regulations. 

OSHA 30 Construction

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Individual Course

Confined Space Entry Training for Construction

Find out how to maximize safety when doing construction work in tight spaces.

Individual Course

Confined Space Entry Training for General Industry

Learn how to safely navigate tight areas and identify permit-required spaces.




With limited air supply and very little room to move, confined spaces can be extremely dangerous, even deadly, especially if you approach them incorrectly. To prevent injuries, fatalities, and accidents in confined spaces, the United States government, OSHA, and many employers require workers to complete training. This training isn’t just meant for compliance. When you regularly practice what you’ve learned, you will have a safer work environment that you can feel protected.  

What Is Included in Confined Space Safety Training?

Our safety training program explains the common hazards you’ll face working in a confined space, as well as the safest ways to combat those hazards. The course modules cover personal protective equipment, fire hazards, and the best ways to contend with the lack of oxygen. Our online training will also touch on unsafe work environments and how to approach your employer and regulating agencies with your concerns.

The goal is to educate all workers on best practices for working in confined spaces so that they’re able to reduce the likelihood of any injuries or fatalities. However, the only way to ensure the training is effective is if all appropriate employees complete the training and practice its teachings.

Why Select OSHAcampus® for Your Online Confined Space Training?

With your already busy life, it can be hard to squeeze in your required confined space training. However, because of federal and Occupational Safety and Health regulations, your employer’s own requirements, and your personal safety, completing an online OSHA training program is necessary. Lucky for you, our courses are 100% online and self-paced, so you can complete your required training on your schedule.

Included in all of our is a certificate of completion that you can use as proof of your training. Simply enroll, complete your training, and print your certificate. Maintain regulatory compliance and start online today!

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