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Before OSHA, not many laws existed to protect workers from jobsite hazards. Since 1971, the agency has adopted many different standards to keep U.S. workers safe in every state, including Delaware.

OSHA's rules can be confusing, though. Different industries have different rules, and things vary by state, as well. To help you understand OSHA in Delaware, we're going to explain OSHA's training recommendations, how OSHA training works, and why it's critical for Delawareans in every industry (but especially construction) to complete their OSHA courses.

Individual Course

OSHA 10-Hour Construction

OSHA Outreach for construction covers 29 CFR 1926 regulations. DOL card included.

89.00 59.00
Individual Course

OSHA 30-Hour Construction

OSHA 30 Outreach for construction covers 29 CFR 1926 regulations. DOL card included.

189.00 159.00
Individual Course

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry

OSHA Outreach general industry covers 29 CFR 1910 regulations. DOL card included.

89.00 59.00
Individual Course

OSHA 30-Hour General Industry

OSHA 30 Outreach general industry covers 29 CFR 1910 regulations. DOL card included.

189.00 159.00
Individual Course

OSHA 10-Horas Curso en Español Para Construcción

El alcance de la OSHA para la construcción cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1926.

89.00 59.00
Individual Course

OSHA 10-Horas Curso en Español Para Industria General

OSHA Outreach industría general cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1910.

89.00 59.00
Individual Course

OSHA 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Construcción

OSHA 30 Outreach para la construcción cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1926.

189.00 159.00
Individual Course

OSHA 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Industria General

OSHA 30 Outreach general industría cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1910.

189.00 159.00

OSHA Training Requirements in Delaware

Delaware doesn't have a state-level occupational health and safety program like other states. In the absence of a “state plan,” Delaware falls under federal OSHA jurisdiction, which covers most private-sector workers.

OSHA Delaware requires that workers receive training on certain topics. However, OSHA Outreach courses (the 10-hour and 30-hour programs) aren't mandatory by OSHA rules and Delaware hasn't passed a law requiring it like some other states.

On the other hand, OSHA Delaware Outreach courses do frequently cover the more common required training topics, so they can help employers meet their OSHA obligations. For that reason, OSHA recommends Outreach training as a form of safety orientation, and many Delaware employers require it of their employees. 30-hour Outreach courses are best for supervisors, while 10-hour courses meet the needs of most workers.

Hazardous Chemical Information Act (HCIA)

Federal OSHA standards exist for training around the safe handling of hazardous chemicals and requirements for hazardous communication (like labels and warning signs).

However, Delaware also has its own law: the Hazardous Chemical Information Act (HCIA). While the federal standards are reserved for private sector workers, the HCIA also covers students and public employees (ie, workers in state and local government). It requires employers to share information about hazardous chemicals they might be exposed to in the workplace, laboratory, or classroom.


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Benefits of OSHA Training for Workers in Delaware

OSHA's safety training is designed to increase the awareness of workplace hazards among employees. By helping workers understand the dangers and health risks that exist on their jobsite, OSHA training equips individuals to take the necessary safety measures that prevent accidents.

Employers also gain from OSHA training programs. By investing in the safety awareness of their employees, they can:

  • Avoid fines during OSHA inspections
  • Lower the cost of workers’ compensation
  • Improve their productivity and financial performance

These are easy claims to make, but they're backed by numbers from OSHA, the Department of Labor, and Delaware agencies. Workplace injury statistics can provide an important perspective on the importance of safety training to prevent injuries, illnesses, fatalities, and fines.

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Fatal Occupational Injuries in Delaware

Delaware had 10 fatal occupational injuries in 2017, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nationally, there were 5,147 fatal occupational injuries.

Of the 10 fatalities in Delaware:

  • 4 were the result of violence and other injuries by persons or animals
  • 3 were the result of falls, slips, and trips
  • 2 were transportation incidents

Non-Fatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses in Delaware

Additionally, the Delaware Department of Labor reports there were 2,680 non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses in 2017 that resulted in days away from work.

Some industries had more incidents than others. Here is a sample of the distribution of nonfatal illnesses or injuries by industry:

  • 970 in trade, transportation, and utilities
  • 570 in education and health services
  • 260 in professional and business services
  • 240 in leisure and hospitality
  • 220 in construction
  • 220 in manufacturing

2017 Top OSHA Enforcement Cases in Delaware

Obviously, workers in Delaware – especially construction workers – are at risk for accidents and illnesses without appropriate safety training.

But Delaware businesses also pay a price for inadequate training, in the form of enforcement penalties during an OSHA inspection.

To see how big those penalties can get, you can find the top enforcement cases by state on OSHA's website. Here are some of the top cases for 2017.

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StateInspection NumberEmployerCityIssuance DateInitial Penalty

DE1193306.015Two Brothers Construction, Inc.WILMINGTON03/31/2017$40,741.00

DE1194043.015Delmarva Roofing & Coating, Inc.CAMDEN03/27/2017$43,781.00

DE1172399.015Greenwood Pallet Company Inc.BRIDGEVILLE02/16/2017$49,435.00

DE1163455.015Dana Rail Care Inc.WILMINGTON01/19/2017$49,251.00

Federal OSHA Offices in Delaware

OSHA has one local area office in Delaware to serve employers and workers that fall under federal OSHA jurisdiction: it's in Wilmington.

If you need to contact Delaware's local office, you can find their up-to-date contact information on OSHA’s website.

Additional Delaware Resources for Safety Information

If you need more resources on workplace safety, you can check out these Delaware state agency and association websites.

Delaware Department of Labor (DOL): The Delaware DOL provides workforce services for job seekers, workers, and employers, including handling unemployment claims, workers' compensation, and labor law enforcement. They also provide on-site safety and health consultations for Construction and General Industry—it's free, confidential, and involves no fines or penalties.

Delaware Department of Insurance (DOI): The Delaware DOI offers lower workers' compensation insurance premiums to employers who participate in their Delaware Workplace Safety Program.

Delaware Office of Occupational Health (OH): Within Delaware's Department of Health and Social Services, OH provides a range of tools for occupational health. They provide phone consultations and resources to assess workplace health and safety. They also provide "Healthy Workplace" information for employers and employees.

Delaware Safety Council (DSC): The DSC provides safety resources for all aspects of Delawareans' lives: road safety, boating safety, first aid, workplace safety, self-defense, and even pet first aid.

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