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Who is Classified as a DOT HazMat Employee?

One of the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) top priorities is to make traveling safe—which includes employees who handle and travel with hazardous materials, also called HazMat employees. And the DOT classifies you as a HazMat employee if: 

  • You’re employed by a HazMat employer
  • You directly affect the safety of hazardous materials transportation in the course of your employment, which includes: 
    • Loading, unloading, or handling hazardous materials
    • Preparing hazardous materials for transportation
    • Operating a vehicle to transport hazardous materials
    • Being responsible for the safety of hazardous material transportation
    • Manufacturing, testing, reconditioning, repairing, modifying, marking, or otherwise representing containers, drums, or packagings, as qualified for use in the transportation of hazardous materials

DOT Training Regulations and Compliance

Additionally, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has regulations in place to ensure you are properly trained to do your job as a HazMat worker. In fact, according to 49 CFR, USDOT has several different HazMat training requirements:

  • General Awareness: This introductory DOT training provides you with an overview of Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) and hazard communication standards so that you can recognize and identify hazardous materials. 
  • Function-Specific: These DOT HazMat training courses teach you the regulations specific to your job.
  • Safety: This DOT training covers emergency response information, procedures for avoiding accidents, and the measures your employer has taken to protect you from exposure.
  • Security Awareness: This DOT training helps make you aware of security risks associated with HazMat transport, teaches you how to enhance security, and reviews how to recognize and respond to possible security threats.
  • In-Depth Security: This more advanced DOT training teaches you about your employer's specific security plan.
  • Modal-Specific: These DOT HazMat training courses are required by Parts 174-177 to teach you the regulations that apply to a specific mode of transportation (rail, aircraft, vessel, or public highway). 

Explore our online DOT HazMat training courses to find the right one to meet your DOT compliance needs.

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