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Our environmental safety training courses teach you how to protect the environment keeping compliant with EPA regulations.

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Environmental Health and Safety Training Requirements

In fact, the strong need to protect the well-being of the environment prompted the federal government to create the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Along with regulating the manufacturing and distribution of all chemicals and pollutants, the EPA is also in charge of determining safe tolerance levels for those same chemicals.  

Because the EPA oversees the health and well-being of the environment, animals, and even humans, it makes sense that they require specific training for people or companies whose work could negatively impact the environment.  If you’re in construction, demolition, remodeling, asbestos-removal, or oil and gas, chances are that you’re going to need to complete some form of environmental safety training. 

What’s Included in Environmental Safety Training?

Environmental health and safety training covers a wide range of topics, including spill and leak prevention, hazardous material storage and transportation, and toxic material cleanup procedures. Your industry-specific training will also include the information you need to make appropriate decisions regarding the health of you, your coworkers, and the environment in relation to the specifics of your job.

While it varies by industry, most of the time your environmental health and safety training will need to be completed within a few months of your employment in the industry. Heavy fines and penalties will be imposed on your employer if the appropriate employees don’t have their environmental health and safety certification.

Additionally, unless you’ve completed your required training, you will not be able to legally work in the United States; completing your environmental safety training in a timely manner is essential to your success.

We understand training can be overwhelming, which is why all of our courses are 100% online. Complete your training at your own pace, wherever you have a computer!  

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