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Our international safety training courses keep you compliant and teach you about worldwide health and safety regulations. 

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Orientación Básica de Seguridad

Reciba una introducción a los riesgos y medidas de seguridad más comunes en la indust




Workplace health and safety is not just a national problem, it’s something that needs to be addressed at an international level as well. Our international training courses will ensure you understand worldwide health and safety regulations, as well as HAZMAT communications so that you can safely complete your work no matter where you’re located.

Why Is International Safety Training Important?

Not only will our training courses ensure that you’re protected on the job, but they will also help you protect the health and safety of your international coworkers. For example, if you’re in the shipping industry and you’re sending hazardous material abroad, unless you understand international regulations for how to correctly label that hazardous substance, the shipment acceptor is at a high-risk for toxic exposure. Just with this single example, you can see that international training can really make the difference between life and death.

If your company has an international presence, chances are you’ll need some form of international safety training. However, even if your company is based in the United States, your work may require you to complete some form of international training.

While your employer may direct you to complete certain training courses for their purposes, keep in mind that our training is widely accepted and will ensure you’re ahead of the game when looking for new employment opportunities or for a promotion.

Advantages of Choosing OSHAcampus® for Safety Training

Our international training is 100% online, so you’re able to fit your training into your schedule, not the other way around. Self-paced courses ensure that your international training isn’t a hassle, but rather informative and educational.

Not only do our training courses adhere to all international standards for training so that you can comply with your employer’s regulations, but they will also improve your employability throughout the country and world. Take your resume to the next level with the addition of an international training course!

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