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Before OSHA’s establishment, there weren’t any government regulations that protected the United States workforce – including employees in Mississippi. Luckily, since the development of OSHA and OSHA standards, there are now plenty of regulations in place to keep workers safe from job site hazards.

With all the good that comes with more workplace safety regulations, they can also be confusing. To help your understanding of OSHA standards in Mississippi, below we’ll review OSHA’s training recommendations, where you can get your OSHA Mississippi training, and why training is essential for workers in Mississippi.

OSHA Mississippi Training Requirements

While some states have their own occupational health and safety regulatory programs (often known as “state plans”), Mississippi does not. Rather, the state of Mississippi falls under OSHA jurisdiction instead.

OSHA mandates training on certain topics throughout the country, but in Mississippi, its 10- and 30-Hour Outreach courses aren’t required. However, you’re not excused from all training! Even when Outreach training isn’t required by law, many Mississippi employers will still require it as part of their onboarding training. For context, OSHA 10-hour courses are designed for entry-level workers, and OSHA 30-hour courses are designed for supervisors.

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Benefits of OSHA Mississippi Training for Workers

OSHA’s main goal is to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities through quality training and employee awareness, but their training doesn’t just benefit employees. In fact, when Mississippi employers invest in OSHA training, they have the opportunity to avoid OSHA inspection penalties, lower worker compensation costs, and increase worker productivity.

While we can easily say that training and awareness will keep workers safe, our statements take on a whole other meaning when you view the following statistics from OSHA, the Department of Labor, and other Mississippi agencies.

Fatal Occupational Injuries in Mississippi

In 2017, Mississippi saw 90 fatal occupational injuries, while the country totaled 5,147 fatal occupational injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Of the 90 Louisiana fatalities:

  • 55 were the result of transportation incidents
  • 10 were the result of falls, slips, and trips
  • 10 were the result of violence and other injuries by persons or animals
  • 8 were the result of exposure to harmful substances or environments
  • 7 were the result of contact with objects and equipment

The breakdown of transportation-related occupational fatalities was:

  • 20 due to aircraft incidents
  • 7 due to pedestrian vehicular incidents
  • 2 due to water vehicle incidents
  • 25 due to roadway incidents involving motorized land vehicles, including
    • 11 due to collisions with other vehicles
    • 9 due to collisions with an object or animal on the side of the roadway
    • 5 due to non-collision accidents

The following industries suffered the highest number of fatalities:

  • 17 in the federal government
  • 13 in construction
  • 13 in manufacturing
  • 12 in transportation and warehousing
  • 8 in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting
  • 7 in local government

2019 Top OSHA Enforcement Cases in Mississippi

As you just saw, Mississippi workers, especially those in construction, are at a high-risk of injuries and fatalities. Employers can also be hit from lack of OSHA compliance, but from a financial perspective with heavy fines.

Currently, OSHA lists the top enforcement cases by state on its website, but here are the top cases for 2019.

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State Inspection Number Employer City Issuance Date Initial Penalty
MS 1402382.015 Graham Construction OCEAN SPRINGS 10/03/2019 $161,771.00
MS 1357694.015 Biltrite Ripley Operations, LLC RIPLEY 03/11/2019 $47,124.00
MS 1355222.015 Pearl Steel Erectors, Inc. VICKSBURG 02/08/2019 $40,424.00
MS 1398061.015 INDUSTRIAL TIMBER, LLC RIPLEY 06/20/2019 $85,247.00
MS 1362582.015 Heritage Plastics, Inc. PICAYUNE 04/03/2019 $159,118.00
MS 1374931.015 Wayne Farms, LLC LAUREL 07/25/2019 $119,341.00
MS 1385578.015 HOWARD INDUSTRIES INC. LAUREL 09/13/2019 $53,040.00

Federal OSHA Offices in Mississippi

Mississippi employers and workers who fall under federal OSHA jurisdiction have access to the agency through a local area office in Jackson.

You can find the contact information for OSHA's Jackson office on their website.

Additional Mississippi Resources for Safety Information

If you're in need of more information or business-specific resources for occupational safety and health, check out the Mississippi state agency and association websites.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES): MDES manages unemployment and job-seeking services for the state, such as job-search resources and unemployment insurance.

Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission (MWCC): The MWCC provides services related to the workers’ compensation system, which employers and workers both turn to when workplace accidents do happen.

Mississippi State University (MSU) Health and Safety Consultation Services: MSU's on-site consultation services are free and confidential for small businesses to help them identify and correct occupational hazards. They also recognize businesses through the Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).

Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Occupational Health Surveillance (OHS) Program: MSDH's OHS Program collects comprehensive information on work-related illnesses and injuries in order to understand the occupational risks of Mississipppi's workforce and develop effective preventive strategies.

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