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MSHA New Miner Training

Learn how to work in a surface mine and safely operate equipment as a new miner.

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MSHA Annual Refresher Training

Start your surface mining refresher training now to meet MSHA Part 46 standards.

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What is MSHA Training?

Working in a mine, you face numerous health hazards, such as explosions, cave-ins, dust, chemicals, electricity, and so on. Fortunately, mines have become much safer with the introduction of legislation and advances in safety equipment.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) creates regulations and provides support to ensure that anyone who works at a mine is protected from death, illness, and injury. This includes mandatory miner safety training, which falls under 30 CFR: Part 46 and Part 48.  

What’s the Difference Between MSHA Part 46 and MSHA Part 48?

The type of mine you work at determines which training you are required to complete.

MSHA Part 46

MSHA Part 46 applies to very specific surface mines, such as sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, surface limestone, colloidal phosphate, or shell dredging operations.

MSHA Part 48

On the other hand, MSHA Part 48 covers all underground mines, surface coal mines, and some surface/non-metal mines.

How Does Taking MSHA Training Online Work?

All of our online courses can be taken from the convenience of your home. Not only do our training classes allow you to fulfill MSHA requirements at home, but they are also self-paced and can be completed whenever you wish within a year of your purchase.

MSHA Certification and Surface Miner Safety Training

Additionally, MSHA Part 46 states that surface miner safety training should be made available to multiple types of workers. This includes rank and file miners and supervisors, as well as contractors and construction workers. Even if you are not directly involved in mining operations, but you work at a mine, you are entitled to receive site-specific miner safety training.

There are also different surface miner training requirements based on your experience level:

  • New miner training - Part 46.5
  • Newly hired experienced miner training - Part 46.6
  • New task training - Part 46.7
  • Annual refresher training - Part 46.8
  • Site-specific hazard training - Part 46.11
  • Responsibility for independent contractor training - MSHA Part 46.12

The number of hours you need is also based on the surface miner training you require. For instance, all new miners are required to complete 24 hours of training while every miner must complete 8 hours of annual refresher training every year.

Once you finish your Part 46 course, you’ll receive a certificate stating that you’ve completed miner safety training. You can give this to your employer as a record of your training.

Who Needs MSHA Training?

According to federal law all miners must receive basic and annual refresher training. In addition to training, all mine operators must maintain an effective training plan. MSHA provides information, guidance, and hands-on support to miners and operators in order to help them satisfy their training requirements and more.

How Long is MSHA Training?

While length of training will depend on the service that you use, 360Training offers both MSHA New Miner Training and MSHA Annual Refresher Training for only eight hours.

The MSHA New Miner Training course equips new miners with necessary knowledge about surface mines, site rules, emergency procedures, and mandatory health and safety standards. MSHA Annual Refresher Training provides regular updates on mine changes that may impact health and safety.

How Long is MSHA Training Good For?

Each miner must receive at least 8 hours of annual refresher training every 12 months. Changes at the mine that could endanger the miner's health or safety must be covered in the training.

How Do I Get a Copy of My MSHA certification?

All miner training must be documented on MSHA Form 5000-23 (or an approved alternative), with a copy of the certificate delivered to the miner upon completion or request. MSHA does not keep duplicates of these records. Copies of training certificates must be kept on file by the operator while employed and for 60 days after it is terminated.

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