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Fifty years ago when OSHA started, U.S. workers didn't have many protections at the federal level. These days, workers in every state (including New Hampshire!) have strong protections against a wide variety of specified and general hazards in the workplace, thanks to OSHA.

Knowing which OSHA regulations apply to you can be confusing, though. Guidelines vary by state and industry. To help you understand OSHA in New Hampshire, let's review OSHA's training recommendations, where to get OSHA New Hampshire training, and how training can keep New Hampshirites in every industry safe, particularly in construction work.

Occupational Safety and Health Jurisdiction in New Hampshire

New Hampshire doesn't have what is often called a "state plan"—an OSHA-approved occupational health and safety program that operates at the state level. New Hampshire does have laws protecting the safety and health of employees, but since those laws don't meet or exceed federal standards, they don't get OSHA's stamp of approval.

As a result, most New Hampshirites in the private sector are covered by federal OSHA protections.

Chapter 277 of New Hampshire Revised Statutes (RSA) still applies in a couple of areas, however. Since OSHA doesn't cover public sector employees, anyone employed by state, county, and local governments are entirely under the jurisdiction of the Safety & Training Division of the New Hampshire Department of Labor.

RSA 277 also applies in the private sector where it doesn't overlap OSHA regulations. We'll discuss some examples below.

OSHA New Hampshire Training Requirements

OSHA mandates safety training on specific topics for employees under their jurisdiction. They also recommend 10-hour and 30-hour Outreach courses, intended as a general orientation to safety.

For the most part, Outreach training programs are not required by OSHA or by the state of New Hampshire. However, some New Hampshire businesses require 10-hour or 30-hour courses as a starting place for their safety training obligations.

OSHA New Hampshire 10-hour courses are designed for entry-level workers, and OSHA 30-hour courses are designed for supervisors.

New Hampshire RSA 277:5-a ("Occupational Safety and Health Administration Certification")

There is ONE group of workers in New Hampshire that are legally required to complete OSHA Outreach training. RSA 277:5-a requires OSHA 10-Hour Construction training for all construction workers hired for public works projects with a total cost over $100,000.

Learn More About OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Courses for New Hampshirites

We offer OSHA 10-Hour Construction, OSHA 30-Hour Construction, OSHA 10-Hour General Industry, and OSHA 30-Hour General Industry to meet your OSHA training needs.

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New Hampshire's Toxic Substances in the Workplace Law

There is one more state law related to occupational safety training you should be aware of.

Private-sector employees have to be trained on relevant chemical hazards according to OSHA's standards. But public employees in New Hampshire are covered by RSA 277-A: Toxic Substances in the Workplace instead. It ensures that state, county, and municipal governments provide their employees with training on specific chemical hazards they might face.

It also requires private businesses to inform the cities and towns where they're located of the nature and quantity of these same materials.

Benefits of OSHA New Hampshire Training for Workers

OSHA safety training aims to enhance workers' awareness of jobsite hazards and teach them preventative measures that reduce workplace accidents and deaths.

But New Hampshire employers also benefit when they invest in OSHA training programs. Safety and health training can help employers:

  • Keep clear of citations and fines during OSHA inspections
  • Curtail workers’ compensation costs
  • Grow their productivity and financial performance

Below, we'll look at statistics from OSHA, the Department of Labor, and New Hampshire state agencies to show you the consequences of unmitigated workplace hazards. These figures reveal an important story of how safety training can prevent injuries, accidents, fatalities, and fines.

Fatal Occupational Injuries in New Hampshire

According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Hampshire had a total of 11 fatal occupational injuries in 2017, compared to 5,147 fatal occupational injuries across the nation.

Of the 11 fatalities:

  • 1 was the result of transportation incidents
  • 5 were the result of contact with objects and equipment
  • 1 was the result of fires and explosions

All reported fatalities were in the private sector. They were distributed across the following industries:

  • 7 in construction
  • 1 in utilities
  • 1 in administrative and waste services
  • 1 in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting
  • 1 in other goods-producing industries

All fatalities were white (non-Hispanic) men over the age of 20.

2019 Top OSHA Enforcement Cases in New Hampshire

As you can see, construction workers in New Hampshire are particularly at risk for accidental deaths on the job.

However, even when OSHA infractions don't go that far, New Hampshire businesses are at risk for enforcement penalties like citations and fines during OSHA inspections. OSHA training can reduce the likelihood of these by ensuring that all workers understand how to obey the law.

Check out the top enforcement cases for New Hampshire that OSHA lists on its website for 2019. It should give you an idea of the the cost of non-compliance.

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State Inspection Number Employer City Issuance Date Initial Penalty
NH 1409425.015 Chinburg Builders, Inc. SOMERSWORTH 09/20/2019 $78,766.00
NH 1416846.015 JVGM Construction Corp. CONCORD 08/16/2019 $40,012.00
NH 1398405.015 Ocean State Job Lot STRATHAM 09/13/2019 $154,199.00
NH 1353320.015 DCI, Inc. LISBON 04/03/2019 $119,338.00
NH 1364763.015 DCI, Inc. LISBON 04/03/2019 $103,995.00
NH 1366023.015 DCI, Inc. LISBON 04/03/2019 $155,155.00
NH 1354618.015 Concrete Systems, Inc. LONDONDERRY 01/08/2019 $43,903.00
NH 1349078.015 Kennebec Lumber Company, Inc. GREENFIELD 01/03/2019 $40,244.00

Federal OSHA Offices in New Hampshire

OSHA has a local area office in Concord to address the concerns of New Hampshirites that fall under OSHA jurisdiction.

You can find their contact information on OSHA’s website.

Additional New Hampshire Resources for Safety Information

You can find more occupational safety resources at the websites below. New Hampshire state agencies and associations work together to provide information and assistance, especially for small to medium businesses.

New Hampshire Department of Labor (DOL): The DOL helps employers, workers, and insurance carriers navigate New Hampshire's labor laws. They handle wage claims, workers' compensation, labor law inspections, and more.

Division of Safety and Training: This is the division under the DOL in charge of enforcing RSA 277 and other safety and training state laws.

New Hampshire Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health (NHCOSH): NHCOSH offers technical, legal, and educational support to help unions, individuals, and communities gain safer working conditions. They also organize action campaigns. That includes advocacy for protections in the "gig" economy.

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