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OSHA 30-Hour Training
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Individual Course

OSHA 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Construcción

OSHA 30 Outreach para la construcción cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1926.

189.00 159.99
Individual Course

OSHA 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Industria General

OSHA 30 Outreach general industría cubre la normativa 29 CFR 1910.

189.00 159.99

OSHA 10 y 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Construcción

Mantenga la seguridad de todos en su obra con la formación OSHA 10 y 30.

229.00 215.00

OSHA 10 y 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Industria General

Reduzca las lesiones en el lugar de trabajo con los cursos de formación OSHA 10 y 30.

229.00 215.00




What Does "OSHA 30" Mean?

"OSHA 30" is the Outreach training intended for those with supervisory duties, including safety directors, forepersons, and field supervisors. This 30-hour course covers a more extensive range of topics, as supervisors need to know the rules for everyone working under them.



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Course Topics Comparison

Module Construction General Industry
Module 1: Introduction to OSHA Introduction to OSHA
Module 2: Managing Safety and Health Managing Safety and Health
Module 3: OSHA Focus Four Hazards Walking and Working Surfaces, including Fall Protection
Module 4: Personal Protective Equipment Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection
Module 5: Health Hazards in  Electrical
Module 6: Stairways and Ladders Personal Protective Equipment
Module 7: Concrete and Masonry Materials Handling
Module 8: Confined Spaces Hazard Communication
Module 9: Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators, and Conveyors Hazardous Materials (Flammable and Combustible Liquids, Spray Finishing, Compressed Gases, Dipping and Coating Operations)
Module 10: Ergonomics Permit-Required Confined Spaces
Module 11: Excavations Lookout / Tagout
Module 12: Fire Protection and Prevention Machine Guarding
Module 13: Materials Handling, Use, and Disposal Welding and Cutting
Module 14: Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment, and Marine Operations Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
Module 15: Safety and Health Programs Bloodborne Pathogens
Module 16: Scaffolds Ergonomics
Module 17: Tools - Hand and Power Fall Protection
Module 18: Welding and Cutting Safety and Health Programs
Module 19: Silica Exposure OSHA Recordkeeping
Module 20: Lead Exposure Process Safety Management
Module 21: Asbestos Exposure Asbestos in Workplace
Module 22: - Scaffolding
Module 23: - Hazwoper

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does Taking OSHA Training Online Work?

All of our online OSHA training courses can be taken from the convenience of your home. Not only do our courses allow you to satisfy OSHA requirements from home, but they are also self-paced and can be completed whenever you wish within a year of your purchase.

Upon successful completion of your OSHA 30-Hour Course through an OSHA-Authorized Trainer, you will be able to take the final exam to receive your card.

OSHAcampus® has all the online safety training courses you need to meet your compliance requirements and get to work fast!

What are the Rules for OSHA Training Online?

For OSHA 30 training programs, students must:

  • Spend at least 1,800 minutes or 30 hours in the course.
  • Only spend a maximum of 7 hours and 30 minutes in the course each day. 
  • Complete a survey evaluating the course upon completion. 
  • Pass all tests and the final exam with a score of at least 70% in three attempts or less. 
  • Only access the training within U.S. Jurisdiction.

How Much Does it Cost?

In general, online training courses cost between $160 to $190. OSHA allows for little flexibility in the material covered in online safety courses.

How Many Questions Are on the Final Exam?

The final exam for 30-hour OSHA courses includes 100 questions, requiring a minimum score of 70% to pass.

What Happens if You Fail?

All online Occupational Safety and Health Administration courses are Pass/Fail, meaning they are not graded. You will be given three attempts to pass an exam and must score at least 70%. If you receive a failing grade three times on any one exam, it is considered a course failure. To retake the exam, you need to register for a new course and start from the beginning.

Is OSHA 30 Certification Worth It?

Officially, there’s no such thing as "OSHA 30 certification," and OSHA discourages the phrase. When websites use the term, they generally refer to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Outreach program. If you pass a course from an authorized training provider, like the ones on this page, the DOL will issue you an official 30-hour card. Though these cards aren't required, they are required by certain states and kinds of employers.

How Long Does OSHA 30-Hour Training Last?

Although DOL cards don't expire at the federal level, some states and industries have unique requirements. Regardless, we recommend you renew your training every 3-4 years to stay current with any Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulation changes.

Is OSHA 30 Hard to Pass?

While OSHA 30 requires dedicated effort and active participation, it is within your reach. You also have up to three attempts to pass each quiz and the final exam with a minimum score of 70%. Only when you do not pass after your third attempt will you need to re-enroll in a new course and start over from the beginning.

How Much Time Does it Take to Complete OSHA 30?

OSHA 30 is designed to be completed in as little as four days and includes 30 hours of in-depth training on workplace safety and health subjects. According to OSHA regulations, participants can spend a maximum of 7.5 hours per day in the course, with a required 8-hour break after 7.5 consecutive training hours. Participants cannot resume training until the next calendar day following this break.

Even with those limits, you don't have to complete the training in four days. You can start, stop, and save your progress along the way. You also have 180 to complete your training when you start the course.

Can I Complete OSHA 30 in Fewer Than 30 Hours?

Completing OSHA 30 in less than 30 hours is not an option. The course is structured to provide 30 hours of instruction covering specific safety topics, and instructors must certify completion within the designated timeframe.

Is OSHA 30 Beneficial for Your Resume?

Absolutely! Potential employers across various industries view candidates with OSHA Outreach training more favorably. While completing the training does not guarantee that you will be hired, having OSHA Outreach training on your resume showcases a strong commitment to workplace safety and health.

OSHA-30 Training can help employers know that an applicant is aware of common hazards, workplace hazards, safety standards, and is up to date on safety regulations. This can help separate candidates for entry-level workers. These mandatory topics help ensure that employees are aware of their individual safety responsibility.

While OSHA-Authorized training can be beneficial to your resume, there may be additional employer responsibilities depending on your specific industry and if there is additional training for workers. OSHA-30 training requirements are covered by the online training provider.

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