OSHA Outreach Programs Marketing Guidelines

OSHA Outreach Training Program Requirements Reference Link:

https://www.osha.gov/sites/default/files/OSHAOutreachTrainingProgramRequirements- 2019.pdf

NOTICE: Compliance with these marketing guidelines is mandatory. All of 360training.com Inc.’s websites and all Authorized Marketing Partners websites are regularly audited. The term Authorized Marketing Partner refers to all Marketing partners who market or promote any OSHA Outreach Training Program for which 360training.com, Inc. has authorization. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in deactivation of the virtual university, virtual store, links to 360trainings’ product(s) and possible cancellation of existing agreements.

Purpose: To inform all stakeholders about the marketing guidelines passed down by OSHA in the governance of 360training.com, Inc.’s status as an OSHA-authorized online training provider.

Background: 360training.com, Inc. owns and maintains 4 online Outreach Training Programs that are authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These are:

  • 10-Hour Construction Outreach Training Program
  • 30-Hour Construction Outreach Training Program
  • 10-Hour General Industry Outreach Training Program
  • 30-Hour General Industry Outreach Training Program

Implicit in 360training.com, Inc.’s status as an OSHA-authorized online training provider is the understanding that the company and all its Authorized Marketing Partners adhere to OSHA’s standards for advertising and administration. Please see the guidelines below:


a) Each Authorized Marketing Partner must clearly mention on their marketing/webpages that 360training.com is the OSHA-authorized online training provider

b) Use the 360training.com provided banner at the top of all OSHA Outreach Training Program pages AND immediately above or to the side of ALL enroll now/purchase/add to cart or similar buttons. The banner must have a minimum width of 200 pixels and a minimum height of 67 pixels and be displayed exactly as provided by 360training.com (including in full color)

OSHA Authorized Provider Badge

c)  Use the word “authorized” when describing the status of 360training.com’s Outreach Training Programs with OSHA. (Accredited, certified, certification, approved etc. are NOT allowed)

d)  Customer support and trainer contact information must be provided on every OSHA authorized Outreach Training Program pages. Including the following:

  • Validity of the outreach training program from the date of purchase (365 days or 1 year)
    • 6 months after the first launch; including the survey
  • Additionally, if all attempts on the final exam are exhausted, the course will no longer be able accessible
  • For OSHA Online Outreach training programs, students must adhere to the following:
    • Spend at least 600 minutes or 10 hours in the course. (10-hour general and construction courses)
    • Spend at least 1800 minutes or 30 hours in the course. (30-hour general and construction courses)
    • Only spend a maximum of 7 hours and 30 minutes on the course each day
    • Complete a survey evaluating the course upon completion
    • Pass all quizzes and the final exam with a score of at least 70% in three attempts or less before a certificate of completion can be issued
  • Only access the OSHA Outreach training within U.S. Jurisdiction
  • Spend the required time in the course curriculum before the course can be completed
  • Validate your identity throughout the learning event to successfully pass the course

e)  If there is a FAQ page on the website, it must be up to date

f)   Use of OSHA/Department of Labor (DOL) logos are strictly prohibited

g)  Any implication that OSHA is involved in outreach training course delivery is strictly prohibited

h)  Use of terms like “Our course(s) are OSHA-compliant”, or “Our course(s) meets OSHA requirements” are strictly prohibited.

i)   Visual representation of an Outreach Training Card cannot be displayed on any website or otherwise incorporated into advertising or marketing materials

j)   The DOL/Student Course Completion Card must never be referred to as a Certificate – only as a Completion/DOL Card OR imply that the OSHA Outreach Training Program class will result in the individual being certified. Students receive a temporary certificate upon completing the training program and a course completion or Department of Labor (DOL) card within 2 weeks.

k)  500/501 and 5400/5600 Train-the-Trainer courses cannot be offered online and advertising or marketing any of these courses is not permitted.

l)   OSHA 10 and 30-hour Outreach Program objectives and topics to be mentioned on all pages wherever applicable

360training is the Authorized training provider:

As the Authorized Training Organization, 360training.com, Inc. is responsible for content development, customer support, trainer support, training administration, compliance, reporting, and completion card distribution. Though Authorized Marketing Partners can sell Outreach Training Programs to customers, 360training.com, Inc. is accountable to OSHA for all compliance and administration issues. Authorized Marketing Partners should never imply or state that they are the authorized training provider, and they must clearly state their relationship with 360training.com, Inc.

Prohibited Language for Authorized Marketing Partner website: “All of our programs are accepted by OSHA.”

Acceptable Language for Authorized Marketing Partner website: “Our Outreach Training Programs are powered by 360training.com – An OSHA-authorized Online Training Provider!”

Acceptable Language:

360training.com, Inc. is an OSHA-authorized online training provider. Authorized is the only term that is appropriate for this relationship. Do not use terms certified, certification, accredited, approved or any variant of on any communication, website, online advertising (including pay per click) or any online tools (including, but not limited to Social Media). This includes in domain names like OSHAapprovedcertification.com or OSHAcertified.com.

Provide Contact Information:

Students should have adequate access to customer support and trainer information. The customer support contact number and all trainer information should be provided prominently on any website or webpage that provides access to Outreach Training Programs.

Customer Support: 877.881.2235

Current Trainer: Curtis Chambers, OHST

Use of OSHA Logos and/or Credentials:

Use of any logos owned by OSHA on any website or otherwise incorporated into advertising or marketing materials is strictly prohibited. This includes look a likes and logos with text added.

Additionally, references to OSHA or the Department of Labor should in no way imply or expresses that the OSHA Outreach Training Program authorized trainer is an OSHA employee or that the OSHA Outreach Training Program class is being conducted by, has been approved by, is endorsed by, or is being done in cooperation with OSHA or the Department of Labor.

Prohibited logos:

OSHA and DOL Logos

Prohibited Language: “Our Outreach Training Programs are provided/approved/sponsored by OSHA.”

Use of the Department of Labor Card:

No visual representations of the card students receive for completing an Outreach Training Program should be depicted on any website or otherwise incorporated into advertising or marketing materials.

References to Proof of Course Completion and OSHA Cards:

Students receive a temporary, online certificate (issued by 360training.com) upon completion of an Outreach Training Program and survey. After the mandatory reporting process, the card is printed and mailed to the student by 360training.com within 2 weeks. These cards can be referred to as student course completion cards/course completion cards and/or Department of Labor cards. These are not certificates or certification cards. The prohibited language described in Section 2 of this document should not be used in relation to temporary certificates or completion cards.


Prohibited Language:

“Need your OSHA certification card?”
“You can get your OSHA certificate today!”

Acceptable Language:

“Need your Department of Labor card?
“Get a temporary certificate today and your OSHA card in 2 weeks.”

Territory Restrictions:

OSHA prohibits the Outreach Training Programs from being sold or taken by students who reside outside of the United States.


OSHA Outreach Training Program classes delivered outside of the geographic jurisdiction of the OSH Act to members of the U.S. military and to civil service employees are permissible and these personnel are eligible to receive student course completion cards. In these cases, OSHA Outreach Training Program authorized trainers are not required to request an exception, but must ensure their Authorizing Training Organization is aware that the persons trained are members of the U.S. military or civil service employees of the U.S. government. A civil service employee is defined as a Federal employee who is either a Competitive Service, Excepted Service, or a Senior Executive Service employee. Non-civil service employees, contractors for the U.S. government, and individuals not subject to the OSH Act cannot be trained outside of the geographic jurisdiction of the OSH Act.

U.S. Department of Defense civilian personnel can also be trained without an exception. However, contractors for the U.S. military cannot be trained without prior approval from OSHA. If the student (who is not US Military or Department of Defense) resides outside of the US or
its territories, they cannot be sold the Outreach Training Program.

See link: http://www.osha.gov/dte/outreach/faqs.html#11b

Advertising Restrictions:

Dissemination or posting of promotional materials, advertising, or information of any kind (including electronic mail, print media, and/or websites) for OSHA Outreach Training Program training conducted outside the geographic jurisdiction of the OSH Act is strictly prohibited, and may result in corrective action, up to and including revocation of OSHA Outreach Training Program authorized trainer status.

Geographic Jurisdiction:

OSHA Outreach Training Program classes may only be conducted in training locations within the geographic jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act. The geographic jurisdiction of the OSH Act is limited to the 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Wake Island, Outer Continental Shelf Lands defined in the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, and Johnston Island.

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