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Confined Space Awareness Level Training

Get trained on how to safely work in confined spaces at your construction site.

Individual Course

Confined Spaces & Permit Required Confined Spaces (General Industry)

Learn the hazards of confined space work and how to stay safe per 1926 Subpart AA.




What Are Confined Spaces?

Confined spaces are defined by OSHA as a space with “limited or restricted means for entry and exit and are not designed for continuous occupancy.” Examples include tanks, pipelines, tunnels, and manholes. Working in confined spaces without the proper training is not only illegal but can result in serious injury or death. Employers can prevent harm to their workers and lawsuits by ensuring that all of their employees have the proper permits and certifications.

With limited air supply and very little room to move, confined spaces can be extremely dangerous, even deadly, especially if you approach them incorrectly. To prevent injuries, fatalities, and accidents in confined spaces, the United States government, OSHA, and many employers require workers to complete training. This training isn’t just meant for compliance. When you regularly practice what you’ve learned, you will have a safer work environment that you can feel protected.

What Are Employer's Training Requirements?

Once an employer determines that permit-required confined spaces exist on their site, they are obligated and required to provide employees with the necessary training. According to OSHA, “The employer shall provide training so that all employees whose work is regulated by this section acquire the understanding, knowledge, and skills necessary for the safe performance of the duties assigned under this section.” (29 CFR 1910.146(g)(1)). The good news is that for employers, confined space training requirements for such spaces are simple and easy to follow.

Once the confined spaces are located and identified, a comprehensive confined space training program can then be administered to the appropriate employees. It is important to note that while employers can restrict access to confined spaces, they are still responsible for informing all employees of the dangers involved. This is necessary if caseworkers wander into a confined space accidentally. This can be done with signs, memos, tape, or other means of correspondence.

What Are Employee Training Requirements?

Workers who are chosen to work in confined spaces are called entrants. They should be trained to:

  • Recognize hazards
  • Alert attendants about presence of hazards and warning signs
  • Wear, store and use suitable personal protective equipment
  • Conduct self rescue methods in emergency situations
  • Communicate with attendants who are outside the confined space
  • Training requirements for attendants

Attendants who are assisting entrants and are situated outside the confined space also need to be trained to:

  • Determine hazards
  • Monitor work conditions
  • Coordinate resources with confined space workers
  • Maintain worker count in the confined space
  • Maintain in constant communication when workers enter and exit the space.
  • Allow only qualified and authorized entrants to enter a confined workspace.

What Is Included in Confined Space Safety Training?

Our safety training program explains the common hazards you’ll face working in a confined space, as well as the safest ways to combat those hazards. The course modules cover personal protective equipment, fire hazards, and the best ways to contend with the lack of oxygen. Our online training will also touch on unsafe work environments and how to approach your employer and regulating agencies with your concerns.

The goal is to educate all workers on best practices for working in confined spaces so that they’re able to reduce the likelihood of any injuries or fatalities. However, the only way to ensure the training is effective is if all appropriate employees complete the training and practice its teachings.

Why Select OSHAcampus® for Your Online Confined Space Training?

With your already busy life, it can be hard to squeeze in your required confined space training. However, because of federal and Occupational Safety and Health regulations, your employer’s own requirements, and your personal safety, completing an online OSHA training program is necessary. Lucky for you, our courses are 100% online and self-paced, so you can complete your required training on your schedule.

Included in all of our is a certificate of completion that you can use as proof of your training. Simply enroll, complete your training, and print your certificate. Maintain regulatory compliance and start online today!

For answers to more of your questions, please review our Confined Space FAQs

How Many Levels of Confined Space Training Does OSHA Recognize?

While some OSHA standards specify different levels of training (like HAZWOPER), OSHA's confined space standard just requires employers to provide employees working around or in confined spaces with the understanding, knowledge, and skills they need for their role.

Employers can configure its training however they want, as long as they meet this standard.

That said, there are four roles involved in confined space work: entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, and rescue personnel. Each role has specific things they need to learn, but training for entrants and attendants can often be combined. Additionally, employers need to provide some type of awareness training to anyone who works near permit-required confined spaces, so that they understand the risks of entry.

How Long Is Confined Space Training?

OSHA has a specific training refresher requirement for some of its standards, but there's no set time period for confined space training. Industry leaders recommend confined space training every one to two years, but it's up to individual employers to decide.

That said, the confined space standard does have two annual requirements. Employers must review their confined space permit program annually, and employees involved in potential rescue operations need to practice their rescue skills at least once every 12 months.

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