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GHS and Hazardous Communication

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What is the meaning of HazCom?

HazCom stands for The Hazard Communication Program. Its purpose is to protect people from injuries and illnesses associated with the use of hazardous chemicals while fulfilling the duties of their jobs. People working with hazardous substances have the right to know and understand the risks they take while exposed to chemicals and substances at their places of work.

What is HazCom training?

HazCom training is required training taken by employees who work with hazardous substances. Employers are required to train workers on safety regarding handling the substances they work with.

This training teaches individuals how to identify, label, and handle hazardous materials. These materials can be chemicals, waste, or other types of materials that pose a potential threat to the health of the worker if mishandled.

This training aims to ensure the safety of anyone working with potentially hazardous substances.

Does OSHA require HazCom training?

Yes. OSHA requires Hazard Communications training for all employees. Read about it in the OSHA regulations here.

How often is HazCom training required?

Employers are required to issue HazCom training when their employees initially enter a job site with hazardous substances or whenever employees are exposed to new hazardous substances.

This rule is issued under The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), 29 CFR 1910.1200 (h).

There is no set timeframe for renewing HazCom training. It is up to the employer to issue the training accordingly.

What are the 5 elements of a HazCom program?

There are five elements of the Hazard Communication Standard.

  1. Chemical Inventory
  2. Written Program
  3. Labels
  4. Material Safety Data Sheets
  5. Training

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