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Our shipping, transportation, and logistics training courses teach you how to stay safe and comply with regulations. 

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Although shipping, logistics, and transportation might not be the first industries that come to mind when you think of dangerous occupations, they certainly have their own safety issues. For that reason, the federal government requires employees of these industries to complete safety training courses. Lucky for you, all of our courses adhere to federal training standards.  

What Does Shipping Logistics and Transportation Safety Training Include?  

While your industry will dictate the primary content of your specific training, our shipping logistics training courses cover how to safely ship and transport hazardous materials, as well as national and global shipping standards. This information is vital, not only for ensuring your shipments arrive in one piece and on time, but also to maintain the health and safety of those shipping and accepting the packages.  

Our training courses will cover packing and labeling regulations to minimize any customs delays or injury from mishandling of hazardous materials. We’ll also touch on the rights and responsibilities of each person in shipping, logistics, and transportation so that everyone understands their part in making the shipping and transportation process both safe and smooth.  

Your specific course will also cover content specific to your role in the shipping, logistics, and transportation process. For example, if you drive a truck that carries hazardous materials from point A to point B, your training will be different than the training for the person in logistics who coordinates the shipping timeline.  

Why Choose Us for Your Shipping Logistics Training? 

With 100% online and self-paced courses, there isn’t an easier way to complete your required safety training. Simply sign up, and you’ll gain immediate access to your course. Plus, you can complete it anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and the internet—perfect for your busy lifestyle. With examples from real-world situations and up-to-date content, you can’t go wrong with our courses. Start your online transportation safety training today!  

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