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Who Needs UST Training?

If you own or operate an underground storage tank, you have certain responsibilities, including mandatory training. UST operator training is intended for workers and employers who work at storage tank sites. The training for UST operators is divided into three classes:

Each class must be trained to comply with their responsibilities so that they know how to eliminate any possibility of leaking storage tank systems.

Underground Storage Tank training teaches you how to properly install the storage tank system and keep it secure from spills, overfills, and corrosion. Additionally, you’ll learn about your responsibilities for recordkeeping and reporting leaks. Finally, you’ll learn about following regulatory rules during the installation of new tanks and the closure of existing ones.

Browse our online UST training courses to find the right one to meet your state and operator class requirements.

Why Are Underground Storage Tanks Regulated?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an underground storage tank (UST) consists of a tank, or group of tanks, connected by underground piping with at least 10% of their combined volume underground.

Underground storage tanks are used for numerous purposes, but the USTs that must comply with federal regulations typically contain either petroleum or certain hazardous substances. And the reason USTs are dangerous is that they have the potential to leak into soil and contaminate groundwater. Additionally, fumes and vapors can travel underground and accumulate in areas like garages and basements where they can create dangerous hazards, including explosions and fire.

To keep the public safe, Congress passed a series of laws in 40 CFR part 280 and gave the EPA the authority to regulate underground storage tanks. The EPA also has authority over any underground storage tanks in Indian Country. Additionally, many states have their own regulations for USTs that are stricter than the federal regulations.

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