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Our power generation training course will provide an understanding of the technologies needed to generate power: combined cycle, steam power, hydroelectric, and gas turbines.

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Individual Course

2701 The Hydroelectric Role in the Power System

Understand the role of hydroelectric power in the overall power system.

Individual Course

4603 Generator Fundamentals

Discover the fundamentals of power generation, generator construction, and more.



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What Is Electric Power Generation?

Electricity generation is the process of transforming some primary energy source into electric power. That primary energy source could be fossil fuels, biofuels, nuclear energy, hydro, wind, geothermal, and more.

What Is the Training for Power Generation Like?

Power generation training courses teach you about the technologies we use to generate power, including combined cycles, steam power, hydroelectric, and gas turbines. Power generation training enables workers to safely and efficient operate and maintain this equipment.

How Do You Get Into Power Generation Operations?

Power plant operators are responsible for maintaining and controlling the equipment that generates electricity, as well as monitoring the output.

Typically, power generation operator training is provided by your employer on the job through a combination of “classroom” learning and hands-on training. However, some employers prefer to hire operators who have already undergone power generation training. Completing some of your power generation training courses online can be a convenient and effective way to meet this goal.

For some positions, you’ll need to earn a license or system operator certificate, which you’ll earn by taking tests to prove your competence.

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