Steam Power and Co-Generation Series 7401 - Co-Generation and other Turbine Cycles

7401 - Co-Generation and other Turbine Cycles

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The objective of this module, the first in the series on 'Steam Power and Cogeneration' is to present the different cycle arrangements that are commonly employed in steam turbine power generation installations. Energy concepts and steam fundamentals are also reviewed to improve understanding and provide examples of efficiency calculations. Finally, to prepare the way for the remainder of the module, an introduction is made to the major systems of the steam power plant and their functions.


Course Objectives

Learning Objectives:
- Co-generation arrangements
- Heat recovery from diesels and gas turbines
- Back pressure steam turbines
- Energy utilization
- Balance of heat and power demand
- Condensing turbines
- Condenser loss
- Units of absolute pressure, vacuum
- Feedwater heating
- Extraction steam for process
- Forms of energy; heat, mechanical, electrical
- Properties of steam and water
- Sensible heat, latent heat, super heat
- Effect of pressure on saturation temperature
- Use of steam tables
- Heat and efficiency calculations for different cycles
- Effect of operating conditions on efficiency
- The reheat cycle
- The use of temperature-entropy charts
- Function of major plant systems
1. Main and auxiliary steam
2. Turbine extraction steam
3. Condenser circulating water
4. Condensate and feedwater systems
5. Feedwater heaters
6. Boiler and combustion systems
7. Boiler air and gas systems
8. Fuel supply systems
9. Turbine support systems
10. Generator support systems
11. Monitoring and control systems
12. Station service supply systems





End of Course Instructions

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