Emergency Tabletop Drill 9505 Emergency Table Top Drill, Part V

9505 Emergency Table Top Drill, Part V

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It is important that you understand how to apply knowledge from your course work to real-world scenarios. Understanding how to properly apply your knowledge will enable you to carry out successful and safe operations. Safety is the top priority during any operation. The table-top scenarios provided throughout this course will help you develop safe practices in carrying out emergency and restoration operations. The table-top exercises use a simulated AGC system to introduce various system events to create an emergency response situation similar to those that occur in actual workplaces.


Course Objectives

"Terminal Objective: The trainee shall demonstrate problem solving and decision making skills in response to 22 different power system scenarios.
- Enabling Objective: The trainee shall successfully analyze and take appropriate action in response that will meet the expected and defined result:
1. Vegetation clearance problem, switching
2. Transmission bus differential
3. Accommodation of parallel flow TLR
4. Mitigation of low voltage
5. Line loading and planning
6. Line flows, mitigation, planning action
7. simulator event
8. Islanding and restoration
9. Transformer relay action and restoration
10. Power system restoration action
11. Islanding event
12. System outage, partial blackout
13. Emergency transmission switching
14. Separation and synchronizing requirement
15. Line and cable loading action
16. Simulator emergency switching
17. Estimating line flows for and doing switching
18. Blackstart event
19. Power system restoration action
20. Breaker failure and restoration
21. Restoration after operator error
22. Transformer trip with low side gen available


Quiz Information

You will not be required to pass the knowledge check questions to move on to the next lesson. These will not be counted as a grade, but each question gives you insight into what you should have learned and the sorts of things you'll need to remember moving forward.



The final exam must be passed successfully with 70% or higher in order to receive your certificate of completion.


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