NERC: Transmission System Operations Courses 7519 - Bulk Electric System Restoration I

7519 - Bulk Electric System Restoration I

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This course focuses on bulk electric system (BES) and individual system restoration following significant breakup, islanding, or blackout. The trainee will demonstrate fundamental decision-making skills and the capacity to respond to situational exercises pertaining to these electric systems. This will include explanation of how extremely abnormal system conditions may affect indications, equipment, and the reclosing of tripped CBs. As well as demonstrating how to recover and re-synchronize an islanded system, showing how to sectionalize, prepare express transmission paths, and rebuild a blacked-out system, and explaining key steps for preparing and executing system restoration tasks. Trainees must also demonstrate response readiness in emergency situations.

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Course Objectives

Terminal Learning Objectives

- Demonstrate decision-making skills and ability to respond to situational exercises relating to electric system restoration.
- Identify and respond to specific scenarios requiring situational awareness and response, including table-top exercises


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