Oregon Real Estate Prelicense Courses 150 Hour Oregon Real Estate Prelicense Basic Package

150 Hour Oregon Real Estate Prelicense Basic Package

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  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Anyone interested in getting their real estate license in Oregon.

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These courses will prepare you to tackle the current and critical factors affecting the real estate industry with detailed components that will prepare you for your Oregon real estate broker exam. The basic package comes complete with all state required courses delivered in the highest quality available in the marketplace today. Award winning customer service and a super simple delivery system that works on any computer, tablet or smart phone. Anyone can use our system and you can go quickly or take your time, it is up to you.


Course Objectives

This package fulfills the Oregon Real Estate Agency 150 Hour Broker Prelicense requirement and will help you prepare for the licensing exam.

The Following Courses Are Included In This Package:

Course Name Industry Course Delivery
Real Estate Math Real Estate Education

Topics Covered

Course 1: OREGON LAW - Unit A - Basics of Real Property Laws and Personal versus Real Property
Unit B Law - Real Property Measurements
Unit C Law - Title and Deeds
Unit D Law - Encumbrances
Unit E Law - The Closing Process
Unit F Law - Oregon Liens
Unit G Law - Land Use Restrictions
Unit H Law - Estate Law, Short Sales & Environmental Hazards
Unit I Law - Oregon Real Estate Law
Unit J Law - Foreclosures and Short Sales
Unit K Law - Income Producing Properties
Oregon Law Final Exam

Unit B Practices - Oregon Real Estate Agencies
Unit C Practices - Property Valuation/CMA & Listings
Unit D Practices - Sales
Unit E Practices - Federal Acts
Unit F Practices - Types of Real Estate Companies
Unit G Practices - Trust Accounts, Agency, & Licensee Status Change
Oregon Practices Final Exam

Unit B Finance - Mortgages
Unit C Finance - Financing Documents
Unit D Finance - Definitions of Real Estate Practice
Unit E Finance - Types of Loans
Unit F Finance - Non-Governmental Loan Programs
Unit G Finance - CMAs and Valuation
Unit H Finance - Mathematical Calculations Used in Financing
Unit I Finance - Real Estate Math, Taxation and Financing
Unit J Finance - Loan Definitions, Interest and Amortization
Oregon Finance Final Exam

Course 4: Oregon Contracts - Unit A
Unit B Contracts - Listings
Unit C Contracts - Subdivided Land and Condominiums
Oregon Contracts Final Exam

Course 5: OREGON AGENCY LAW - Unit A
Unit B Agency Law - Define Agency
Oregon Agency Law Final Exam

Unit B Property Management - Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
Unit C Property Management - Economics of Property Management
Unit D Property Management - Types of Leases
Unit E Property Management - Agency Relationship Between Property Manager and Owner
Unit F Property Management - Tenant Relations and Maintenance
Unit G Property Management - Recordkeeping
Unit H Property Management - Anti-Discrimination Statues
Oregon Property Management Final Exam

Course 7: OREGON BROKERAGE Unit A Brokerage - Advertising
Unit B Brokerage - Financial Records, Banking Trust Accounts and Closing
Unit C Brokerage - Office Facilities, Legal requirements and Discipline
Unit D Brokerage - Closing and Settlement
Unit E Brokerage - Financial Reports
Unit F Brokerage - Non Financial Records Listing and Transaction Records
Unit G Brokerage - Office Manuals Policies and Procedures
Unit H Brokerage - Office Activity Other than Real Estate Sales
Unit I Brokerage - Federal Laws
Unit J Brokerage - Advertising and Supervisory Roles
Oregon Brokerage Final Exam




Quiz Information

You must score a 75% or higher on quizzes to proceed.


You must score at least 75% or better on the final exam to pass.

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Warrin From Spokane, WA Took Real Estate Math, And Said:

Often times students typically use financial calculators. However, 360training has given me the foundation to solve tough equations by hand. This is extremely more effective in learning due to its vigorous assessments of what each equation may stand for.

Posted 21 days ago