360training.com Becomes First Online OSHA Outreach Training Provider to Offer Plastic DOL Completion Card

360training.com is the first to offer the more durable plastic DOL Cards to on-line OSHA Outreach Students shipped within just two to three weeks.

(AUSTIN, TEXAS) JANUARY 09, 2019 – 360training.com announces today the introduction of a more durable, plastic Department of Labor (DOL) completion card to students who successfully complete OSHA Outreach Training from 360training.com or one of its partner sites. With this announcement, 360training.com becomes the first online training providers to offer students the more durable plastic card.

360training.com is a leading provider of OSHA 10-Hour and OSHA 30-Hour outreach programs tailored to construction and general industry professionals. These safety courses cover basic worker’s right and OSHA protections, educating students on how to correctly identify, avoid, and prevent workplace hazards. In 2018 alone, thousands of students enrolled in 360training.com’s OSHA outreach programs.

The plastic completion cards, which resemble credit cards in look and feel, are harder to damage, easier to carry, and are expected to reduce fraud. The DOL completion cards are good for life, so your DOL completion card should be designed to last a lifetime. In addition, the plastic completion cards are shipped within two weeks, instead of the standard 6-8 weeks wait associated with the old paper completion cards. The new cards will be administered to all future students of OSHA outreach programs offered by 360training.com or one of its partner sites.

The U.S Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration first released the more durable completion card with authorizing logos, watermarks, QR codes and more distinguishing features in February of 2016. However, until now, the credit-card style was not offered to students who completed their OSHA training online.
For more information on the new plastic completion cards and 360training.com’s OSHA outreach training programs, visit: https://www.360training.com/environmental-health-safety/dol-card-details

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