360training Partners With DEWALT to Offer Online OSHA Safety Training

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AUSTIN, Texas, September 14, 2020 — 360training, the industry leader in online training and workforce compliance, announces a partnership with DEWALT to provide online and mobile-optimized OSHA Training to jobsites and workplaces across the country. Through this partnership, DEWALT, the GUARANTEED TOUGH® total jobsite solutions provider, is furthering its commitment to innovative safety solutions through technology.

“360training is excited to partner with a brand as distinguished as DEWALT,” says Ryan Linders, the Chief Marketing Officer at 360training. “We’re honored to work with an award-winning company that has driven quality innovation for the past century and excited that this is going to further the mission of ensuring safer workplaces for employees.”

360training and DEWALT will bring OSHA authorized Outreach Instruction for both the 10- and 30-hour formats to the General Industry and Construction communities through online and mobile-optimized courses. As indicated by its 4.6 star Trustpilot product rating, 360training is the most trusted and largest OSHA-authorized online training provider who makes customer satisfaction their top priority by delivering plastic DOL cards within 2 weeks of course completion.

Just in time for National Safety Week, DEWALT and 360Training will be having a 25% off promotion that includes a 25% discount on all advertised products when you sign up online through 360Training at checkout (before taxes and fees). This promotion will be available during Safety Week, from September 14th-18th. Limit one offer per account. Cannot be used on other training products. Get 25% off with DEWALT25 before time runs out!

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What is OSHA Outreach Training?

The federal government created the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to ensure that worker safety standards were established and enforced. The OSHA Outreach Training Program provides workers with both basic and advanced training surrounding common safety and health hazards they may encounter on the job. This Outreach program has 10 and 30-hour formats for Construction and General Industry that come with a Department of Labor card on successful completion of the training.

OSHA authorized institutions, such as 360training, administer courses that fulfill safety training requirements. Authorized providers ensure that course material and training plans are up to date while simultaneously tracking and reporting on course progress and completion.

OSHA General Industry vs. Construction

OSHA safety standards apply to all industries, however, certain industries such as Construction have more specific training requirements as defined by Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Construction health and safety requirements are defined in 29 Part 1926 of the CFR while those for General Industry are defined in 29 Part 1910 of the CFR. As defined in 29 Part 1910.5 C of the CFR, the standards outlined for the General Industry apply to any and all employees in any industry, meaning that the General Industry training applies to all industries. Some industries, however, require more training according to their prescribed standards and DEWALT does not guarantee that this training is appropriate for all situations.


DEWALT is obsessed with how users work in the real world and is relentlessly pursuing total jobsite solutions. By incorporating its latest technology and industry innovations, DEWALT is leading the charge for the jobsite of the future. DEWALT products. GUARANTEED TOUGH®. For more information, visit www.dewalt.com or follow DEWALT on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

About 360training

For over 23 years, 360training has provided individuals and businesses with online regulatory-approved training, facilitating a safe, healthy environment for the communities they serve. The company has delivered over four million training plans across multiple disciplines including food and beverage, environmental health and safety, real estate, and insurance. To learn more, please visit www.360training.com or their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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