360training Announces Active Shooter Training Course for Employers—Free for Teachers

active shooter training for teachers

AUSTIN, Texas, October 24, 2022 — 360training, a leading provider of online regulatory training, has created a comprehensive training course to empower employees to respond in the event of an active shooter situation. This course enables businesses to protect their employees from an active shooter event, a critical component of any organization's emergency response plan. 

Developed by experts in public and private sector safety and security, 360training provides research-backed training for employers who are seeking to build a safer environment. Their online courses instruct staff to identify and protect themselves against active shooter events. 

Tom Anderson, CEO of 360training, adds, “At 360training, our mission is to provide research-backed training that enables safe, healthy workplace and community environments, including safety training for unexpected violent situations.”

Employees who take Active Shooter Response training will be able to understand potential outcomes and how to cooperate with emergency responders, identify behavior, conditions, and causes of active shooter events, and be better prepared to deal with the psychological impact of active shooter events. 

As part of our commitment to building safe, healthy workplace and community environments, 360training is offering Active Shooter Response training to teachers for free for the next 30 days. Teachers may register for this free course through the form on this page. Schools are intended to be a safe haven for growth, learning, and laughter. The bond between teacher and student is often as close as parent and child. Therefore, we are committed to offering this free course to as many teachers as possible through November 25, 2022.

Violent events are both unpredictable and tragically common. Offering active shooter training within your businesses, church, school, or venue demonstrates that you care for the welfare of your community and builds stronger bonds. It's also the right thing to do! Our catalog of Active Shooter training courses will help you do that. Reach out to 360training today to learn more.

About the Course Consultants

360training consulted with Michael S. D'Angelo and Lindsay Loewe, LPC, NCC to create these comprehensive active shooter training courses. Michael is a board-certified security consultant and former Captain of the City of South Miami Police Department, and Lindsay is a trauma-informed psychotherapist in Wisconsin with over 12 years of experience working with children and families. 

About 360training

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