360training.com Launches TREC-Approved Recorded Proctoring for Texas Real Estate Pre-License and SAE Training

360training.com is excited to launch the TREC-approved Recorded Proctoring System (RPS) Online Exams for Texas Real Estate Pre-License and SAE training.

AUSTIN, TEXAS (PRWEB) MARCH 23, 2018 – 360training.com is excited to launch the TREC-approved Recorded Proctoring System (RPS) Online Exams for Texas Real Estate Pre-License and SAE training.

This state-of-the-art technology makes getting your Real Estate license one step closer. If you’re looking to become a real estate agent or get your sales person apprentice education requirement completed, you can not only take all the training online with 360training.com but now you can also take the TREC-approved exam online with 360training.com.

360training.com’s Recorded Proctoring System (RPS) makes the way students are required to take pre-license and salesperson apprenticeship education exams easier than ever. Students can now record themselves taking their exams and then submit their recording to one of 360training.com’s qualified proctors. No need to schedule a time to take exams in front of a qualified proctor at a testing center and pay extra.

360training.com’s new Recorded Proctoring System (RPS) is designed to work with laptops and desktops with working web cameras and microphones to ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met. All that is required is a valid form of identification and an acceptable, secure room for students to take their test in. It’s that simple, hassle free, and at your convenience!

Muddassir Katchi, Vice President, Product states that the “Anyone who has taken the real estate exam knows that it’s a huge hassle to find a proctor on your schedule and take the state exam at a testing center. 360training’s has revolutionized the industry once again with its TREC-approved Recorded Online Exam. We were one of the pioneers in offering state-approved online exams but now we’re launching the Recorded Proctoring Solution which eliminates the hassle of finding a proctor or a testing center. Everything from taking the course to the state-approved exam can be done online! This gives our students a huge benefit over everyone else in the market and opens up the doors to offering the same solution to all state-mandated classroom exams.”

To be a real estate salesperson in the state of Texas, the licensee must:

  •     Be 18 years of age or older
  •     Complete the required 180 hours of pre-license education from a Texas real estate school
  •     Pass the pre-license exam with 360training.com’s Recorded Remote Proctoring System
  •     Submit all documents, including the certificate of completion to TREC
  •     Apply for an inactive or active license
  •     Select a schedule for fingerprinting

360training.com is powered by its years of experience in the real estate industry and world-leading interactive learning program that’s accessible any time as long as there’s an active internet connection. 360training.com courses also provide in-depth information about important rules, laws, and regulations in the current real estate market, and are all regulated by the local real estate commission. With references and study materials on every turn, licensees will have an easier time maintaining their focus and progress. In addition to the packages mentioned above, individual courses are also available for self-paced learners.

For a catalog of all approved real estate courses and packages available online, please visit 360training.com.

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