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Real Estate Continuing Education - License Renewals and CE

Completing your real estate CE credentials can be daunting, and today's real estate markets mean you're too busy to sit in a classroom. But with, you can earn the required credits at your own convenience. Our real estate continuing education classes provide up-to-date information, delivering efficient and relevant instruction focused on professional development for real estate professionals.

Important Reminder

Before enrolling in real estate CE courses, make sure you're signing up only the courses you need for your license renewal. We offer elective courses that may not be necessary for your CE credit completion. Consider them when you can, however; they've helped many students better understand the commercial and residential markets where they do business. Our courses go beyond the requirements to help you with your ongoing career development!

Renewing Your License On-Time

Your days of taking courses are not over after you get your real estate license. States require real estate agents to update their professional skills and knowledge by completing real estate training every time they renew their license.

What are the Current Requirements for Renewing Real Estate License?

Visit the web site of the state real estate commission or department of licensing for the license renewal requirements and procedures. Some licensees may have to answer criminal history questions or have a background check and fingerprinting. You’ll definitely have to pay a renewal fee.

How Do You Make Sure You Renew Your License

To be sure you’re up to date on current renewal requirements in your state, remember to:

Know the license period for your state. Many states require licensees to renew their licenses every two years.

Know the deadline and set a reminder. A busy real estate agent can easily lose track of when license renewal is approaching.

Be on the lookout for license renewal reminder letters or emails.

Keep track of the required hours. Different states require a different number of hours. Visit the licensing entity’s web site for the most current information. If you don’t complete your CE all at once, be sure to keep track of how many hours you’ve completed.

Know the required topics and courses. Some states require licensees to take specific courses, such as legal update courses.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Some crisis may pop up, preventing you from completing all the required hours. Take a few courses periodically during the license period so you’re not in a mad rush right before you have to renew.

How Can You Complete Continuing Education and Renew Your License?

In many states, licensees create accounts on the commission web site for tracking and managing their license status. Be aware that different license types &mdash salesperson, broker, designated broker, inactive &mdash may have different requirements. Again, visit your state’s real estate licensing entity web site for correct process. You can probably do it all online.

The state real estate commission or department of licensing likely maintains a list of approved real estate continuing education providers, classroom and online. Before enrolling in real estate CE courses, make sure you're signing up the courses you need for your license renewal.

Why Should You Complete Continuing Education with

When you’re navigating fast real estate markets and growing your business, you’re probably too busy to sit in a classroom. With, you can earn the required CE credits at your own pace whenever you have the time because the courses are online. Completing real estate continuing education has never been so easy. Enroll today!


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