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Human Land Use

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Human land use is one in a series of courses covering the many areas of Human Ecology. The emphasis here is to impart knowledge and understanding of the history of land use, ownership, controls, zoning, boundaries, view shed analysis, geology, land use conflicts, court decisions affecting land use, and the relationship between human quality of life and land ownership.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
- Define land and land use; Explain the four powers reserved by the state (taxation, escheat, eminent domain, and police power); Describe the various forms of ownership; Define taking; Explain the public control of land use; Summarize the history of land use regulation
- Identify important court decisions affecting land use controls; Discuss the applications and effects of zoning on land use
- Recall the current methods of describing and analyzing a property for any of a variety of uses; Define the boundaries of a property; Discuss site programming, analysis of site context and surrounding land use, and viewshed analysis; Differentiate between climate and weather; Identify sources of climate and weather information
- Explain microclimate; Recognize the importance of water resources and watershed planning; Summarize the provisions of legislation regarding water pollution, public water systems, watershed planning
- Discuss the importance of geology in the real estate profession; Summarize geologic hazards and natural disasters and their effects on land use; Explain to uses of soil surveys in the real estate industry
- Explain the concept of highest and best use in the context of global sustainability; Identify the three essential elements of productive order in a sustainable human ecosystem; Describe the impact of mineral extraction and processing industries on ecosystems and land use
- Discuss agricultural land use; Identify the impact of the world population and food supply on land use; Describe the effects of the world's water shortage on the real estate industry; Explain global warming and its effects
- Explain the problem of soil erosion; Discuss the challenges of farmland conversion; Describe growth management strategies; Summarize the New Urbanism and Smart Growth movements; Explain how land use affects real estate and quality of life


Topics Covered

This course covers the following topics:
Land Use Controls: Part I
Land Use Controls: Part II
Land Description and Analysis: Part I
Land Description and Analysis: Part II
Land Description and Analysis: Part III
Land Use and Conflicts:
Part I
Land Use Conflicts: Part II
Land Use Conflicts: Part III


Regulatory Information

Human Land Use - New Jersey Real Estate Commission



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