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Energy Resources

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This course is one in a series of Human Ecology courses. Thousands of times every day, real estate licensees influence the choices people make about the homes, neighborhoods, and the communities in which they live. Licensees who take particular care to acknowledge when homes are efficient and well-built, the neighborhoods livable, and the communities sustainable, are helping make such desirable properties more available and more valuable. Topics covered include the concept of energy and humanity's reliance on it, the use of energy in different sectors, global warming; global oil depletion, approaches to a more sustainable future, and how the real estate profession can address the challenges of a future with substantially more costly energy.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

- Apply the concept of energy; Demonstrate the concept of energy; List the principal resources; Interpret the evolution of human energy reliance
- Analyze the current use of energy in the U.S in the industrial, transportation, residential and commercial sectors; Describe the fuels used; Summarize the technological advances for conservation
- Predict the challenges of global warming; Estimate the nature and sources of greenhouse gases; Interpret the Kyoto Protocol; Discuss the problems global warming is causing and likely to cause in a variety of settings in the world
- Evaluate the nature and effects of global oil depletion; Explain the Hubbert Curve; Describe the possibilities for future energy supplies; Summarize the ideological standoff between supporters of growth versus conservation as it relates to any further reliance on coal and nuclear power
- Describe some of the dire predictions of running out of cheap energy; Discuss the nature of Earth's biosphere as a complex, hierarchic, adaptive, self-organizing system; Explain the threat of a major phase transition; Evaluate the promise of New Urbanism as one approach to addressing the transition to a new energy regime in more urban setting
- Demonstrate some of the more prominent approaches to future sustainable lifestyles in the current suburbs; Discuss kibbutzim, permaculture and intentional communities including co-housing and eco-villages; Discuss the role of the real estate profession in addressing the challenges for a future of substantially more costly energy


Topics Covered

This course covers the following topics:
- Energy Concepts
- The Use of Energy
- Global Warming
- Energy Supplies and Their Effects
- Energy Sources and Solutions to the Energy Crisis
- Sustainable Lifestyles: Energy and the Real Estate Professional


Regulatory Information

Energy Resources - NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services Bureau of Educational Standards

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End of Course Instructions

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You will be required to pass the final exam with a 70% in order to receive course credit.

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