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It is not always obvious, especially to the first-time home buyer, the reasoning and importance of the home inspection. Therefore, the real estate licensee must know and understand the basic requirements of the property inspection and the responsibilities of the licensed inspectors. Some of the areas discussed are the basic fundamentals of the exterior components of real property as well as the interior housing construction; the procedure for inspecting heating and cooling systems; and warning signs of potential problem areas including mold and other environmental hazards.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
- Identify the kinds of things a home inspector must be knowledgeable about, such as land use restrictions and regulations, zoning regulations, variances, building permits and certificates of occupancy; List the typical items examined by a home inspector on the property itself
- Discuss the main structure elements of a house; Summarize the parts of a foundation; Explain how floors and walls are constructed; List the common types of house framing
- Identify signs to look for during a roof inspection that would indicate a problem with its condition; Recognize the kinds of exterior siding that can be found on a home and what the downsides or features are of each; Discuss the problems with EIFS
- Identify benefits of insulation and ventilation to the structure; Explain how insulation is installed to maximize efficiency; Summarize various roofing materials; Discuss roofing components and their roles in protecting the structure
- Discuss what to look for when inspecting stairways, patios, porches, fireplaces, chimneys and woodstoves; Describe different types of heating and air conditioning systems and the problems associated with each; Diagram common problem areas often found in kitchens, specifically water leaks and issues with cabinets and counters
- Recognize the basic plumbing issues associated with hot water heaters, drains, septic systems and water wells; Explain the terms and elements of an electrical system; Summarize the need for inspection of electrical wiring, especially in older residential homes
- Describe ways in which environmental hazards can affect real estate; List common indoor pollutants; Explain the dangers of formaldehyde in residential housing; Recall the types of asbestos-containing materials commonly found in homes; Discuss sources of lead poisoning; Summarize how groundwater contamination may occur; Indicate the problems caused by underground storage tanks
- Explain what mold is, the conditions under which it grows, the steps to its prevention, and how to get rid of it; Analyze the health effects of mold exposure; Diagram the steps licensees can take to reduce toxic mold liability; Describe what real estate professionals should do when microbial contamination is suspected on a property
- Summarize the dangers of meth and meth labs; Recognize a meth lab; List the health effects of exposure to meth lab chemicals; Recall types of toxic wastes; Describe brownfields; Define wetlands


Topics Covered

This course covers the following topics:
- Introduction
- Structural Elements
- Roofing and Siding
- Insulation and Ventilation
- Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
- Plumbing and Electrical Wiring
- Environmental Issues, Part 1
- Environmental Issues, Part 2
- Environmental Issues, Part 3


Regulatory Information

Home Inspection - NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services Bureau of Educational Standards

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  • NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services Bureau of Educational Standards
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  • 518-474-4429
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  • 518-473-6648
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  • 123 William Street
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  • New York City
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  • NY
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  • 10038-3804




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Cheung-Hung From Oakland Gardens, NY Took Home Inspection, And Said:

Good information. Being alert saves future lost of earned income.

Posted 3 years and 10 months ago
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The training was very informative and relevant to real estate transactions

Posted 3 years and 10 months ago