South Carolina Real Estate Continuing Education 3 Ps of Professionalism: Principles, Practices and Pitfalls

3 Ps of Professionalism: Principles, Practices and Pitfalls

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  • Credit Type: Mandatory


This course meets the mandatory core requirements for continuing education in the 2018-2020 license renewal period. The content selection and subject matter outline for this course was created by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission's Education Task Force. The topics chosen were selected because they are areas of license law and practice that pose particular issues for real estate licensees in the state of South Carolina.

The South Carolina Real Estate Commission believes that this course should improve a licensee's ability to sail smoothly through the Principles, Practices and Pitfalls of serving clients and protecting and promoting the interests of the public. The 3 Ps of Professionalism: Principles, Practices and Pitfalls will help licensees better understand pressing issues and changes in law, as well as identify tools to deal effectively with these issues and changes.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with South Carolina license law
  • Identify appropriate locations and citations for references to South Carolina license law
  • Create awareness of particular aspects that are contained in South Carolina license law
  • Explain the role of the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, & Regulation
  • Explain the role of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission
  • Evaluate the compliance role of the REALTORĀ® Code of Ethics
  • Engage licensees in interactive dialogue concerning license law
  • Prepare licensees to be able to research their own answers to their own questions when practicing the profession of real estate
  • Explain what must be done when an offer has been received
  • Identify the information that should be in the offer received
  • Describe what must be done after receiving a written acceptance of an offer
  • Explain how changes or modifications (i.e. counteroffers) are required to be handled
  • Describe the responsibility of the broker-in-charge in presenting offers
  • Identify what must be done by a licensee if a seller rejects an offer without making a counteroffer
  • Describe the information that must be presented to a seller if a licensee plans to make an offer on an in-house listing
  • Explain when an offer becomes a binding contract
  • List and explain the elements of a valid contract
  • Demonstrate the information in an offer required to form a valid enforceable contract
  • Explain the pitfalls of communicating an oral acceptance or oral counteroffer
  • Appraise each part of the Disclosure Form
  • Recognize the benefits offered by Seller Agency
  • Explain and list some benefits offered by Buyer Agency
  • Compare single agency and dual agency
  • Explain South Carolina's Disclosed Dual Agency
  • Explain South Carolina's Designated Agency
  • Analyze the transition from casual introductory talk to a meaningful conversation
  • Illustrate the practice of transaction brokerage in South Carolina
  • Identify the situations in which transaction brokerage occurs
  • Explain the proper rules for operation of teams in South Carolina
  • Assess problematic issues that are related to the operation of real estate teams

Topics Covered

Lesson 1 - License Law Review

  • South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation
  • South Carolina Real Estate Commission
  • Quick Review of License Law
  • REALTOR Code of Ethics

Lesson 2 - Offers and Counteroffers

  • Basic Principles of Offers
  • Negotiating Strategies
  • REALTOR Code of Ethics Provisions Regarding Presenting Offers
  • Pitfalls of Handling Offers - The Case Studies
  • Practices Regarding Offers and Counteroffers
  • Licensee's Purchase of an In-House Listing

Lesson 3 - From Offers to Binding Contract

  • Principles for Determining the Essential Elements of a Contract
  • Application of the Statute of Frauds
  • The Contract Case Studies: Pitfalls in Contract Principles

Lesson 4 - Disclosure of Real Estate Brokerage Relationships

  • Principles of Agency Relationships
  • Article 1 of the REALTOR Code of Ethics
  • Defining Agency
  • Practices for Smooth Sailing with the Successful Disclosure of Brokerage Relationships
  • Timing and Use of the Disclosure Form
  • Services Sellers And Buyers Want From The Agent
  • The Types of Agency Choices
  • Specific Practices Related to Designated Agency
  • Brokerage Relationships Case Studies

Lesson 5 - Developing Practices to Deal with Current Pitfalls

  • The Principles of Transactional Brokerage
  • Practices of Transaction Brokerage in South Carolina
  • The Concept of Limited Confidentiality
  • Distinguishing Between Customer & Client Services
  • Other Pitfalls of Transaction Brokerage
  • Principles of Teams
  • Risk Management in Real Estate

Regulatory Information

3 Ps of Professionalism - South Carolina Real Estate Commission

  • Name:
  • South Carolina Real Estate Commission
  • Phone:
  • 803-896-4400
  • Fax:
  • 803-896-4404
  • Website URL:
  • Email Address:
  • Address:
  • Synergy Business Park 110 Centerview Dr., Suite 201
  • City:
  • Columbia
  • State:
  • SC
  • Zip:
  • 29210

Subject Matter Expert

David Compton


Quiz Information

You are required to pass the quizzes with a 80% or higher.



You are required to pass the Final Exam with a 80% or higher in order to receive course credit.

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