How Do I Get My Real Estate License in Texas?

4 Easy Steps
to Get on Your Way,

Figure 1: Real estate brokers and sales agents help clients buy or sell real estate.

Real Estate licensing in any state is complicated and it can be daunting to research and understand what's involved. That is why we have created a four step guide for you so there are no more surprises. Take the first step in starting your new career in Real Estate by following the four step process listed below:

Step 1: Take the training class and get a certificate of completion.

Complete your education requirement with 180 hours of Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approved course. The state of Texas requires all candidates looking to become real estate agents to study 180 hours of various topics that will allow you to understand Real Estate Principles, Laws of Agency, Contracts, Promulgated Contracts and Finance. Select a TREC Approved provider to enroll in the course and prepare for your State license exam. You can take the class in person at a school or online interactive training or download the coursework in PDF format to study at your own pace and take the training with you. You will need your certificate of completion to enroll in the State exam.

Step 2: File your application for real estate licensing with TREC.

Once you have completed your courses and received the certificates of completion you will need log on to the website and use their "My License" service to register and complete the application process. It typically takes 7 to 10 days for your application to be approved. Click here to learn about the licensing fees.
TREC Website:

Step 3: Practice your state exam.

Take the Texas Realtor Exam Prep to increase your chances of passing the state exam.

In order to properly prepare for the Texas state licensing exam we suggest you take our Texas Exam Prep. Allow yourself at least two days to study with the prep course. Why take the Exam Prep to get pass your TX Real Estate License?

  • Unlimited amount of practice exams with our online platform
  • Includes practice tests formatted for both Salesperson and Broker licensing exams
  • Same format as state mandated exams
  • Exams are generated from a databank of 1000's of possible test questions
  • 100% online... Take anytime from anywhere!

Step 4: Take Your Licensing Exam.

Once your application has been received, processed and accepted, TREC will send you an eligibility letter including an ID number. You will also receive a notification that you may obtain a copy of the Candidate Information Brochure (CIB) to register for the exam. You can register for the exam at You must achieve a 70% or better on the exam to pass and you will find out your results immediately.

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