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Online Certification Programs to Address Underemployment

The current market force situation cannot be classified into the employed and unemployed alone. There is a gray section which is the underemployed. The dictionary meaning of underemployment as defined by Merriam Webster is:

  • The condition in which people in a labor force are employed at less than full time or regular jobs
  • Working in jobs inadequate with respect to their training or economic needs.

To put it simply, underemployed people are those who are highly skilled but working in low paying jobs and skilled professionals who are working part-time but prefer to work full time.

There are several career options available for those who want to get out of underemployment. The Workforce Investment Act provides support for qualified candidates to help them improve their employment status.

What is the WIA program?

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA), formerly Job Training Partnership Act, offers a comprehensive series of activities that can help improve the workforce. These career development activities can help promote an increase in employment, job retention, earnings and occupational skills of the participants. The activities are available on a local community level.

The WIA program can provide assistance to individuals who want to enroll in career training programs. Talk to us and learn more about the benefits you can get through WIA.

Why should you enroll in a career training program at 360training.com?

The job market today is very competitive. When applying for jobs, make sure you have the necessary education to back up your skills and experience. Those who complete a career training program are usually paid about 15% to 20% more than those who are not certified or licensed. Completing a program and getting certified means that you have passed rigorous training requirements. Education is a major factor that employers consider when hiring applicants.

Why You Should Choose Us?

  • Our courses can be taken 100% online. You have the freedom to set your own schedule.
  • We also have our career training programs designed by industry experts to help you acquire the skills needed to be successful in your chosen career path