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NSC 2014: What’s on the Agenda?

F Marie Athey OHST September 8, 2014 0 Joins NSC 2014This September,’s team will be attending the 2014 National Safety Council Congress and Expo in San Diego, California. The conference gives us the opportunity to meet with over 14,000 other environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professionals and bring the most up-to-date training tools and practices back to you, our clients.

 Education Opportunities

The NSC conference offers a great deal of information to be shared between professional members of the EHS community. Here, our team will not only be immersed in a great community, but also take part in a number of developmental seminars, technical sessions, and workshops.

These seminars and workshops will ensure that we are updated with the most current health and safety practices for the workforce. This will guide our team in updating current services offered at and, in turn, create the best available content for our trainees. We can be found at booth number 1512. We’re looking forward to seeing many friendly faces—both old and new—this year.

 Recommended Sessions

The NSC provides a number of excellent sessions for attendees. This year, they have added several new sessions to the schedule. We are very excited to highlight a few key sessions that may speak greatly to our client base:

  • The Good, The Bad, The Trainer (New Session) – This session aims to provide new concepts and effective teaching techniques that trainers can bring to their staff. It will cover the characteristics of a good trainer and what tools are necessary to be the best trainer possible.
  • Taking BBS to the Next Level (New Session) – This session will discuss new ideas and techniques for safety coordinators who feel as though they have reached a plateau in their behavior-based safety (BBS) practices. Discover new ways to structure the process and strengthen your overall safety culture in this session.
  • GHS: What’s Next? – What is next after the first deadline for OSHA’s new GHS requirements has passed? What are your responsibilities as an employer? This session will cover what to expect in OSHA’s upcoming compliance schedule for GHS and it will offer a comprehensive look at the remaining process for GHS implementation.
  • Global Class Performance: Place Workers in Control of their Own Safety (New Session) – Discover the key to achieving the highest level of safety in the workplace—trusting everyone on the workforce to be in control of their own safety. Take an in-depth look into the four levels of safety culture, motivating steps for “personal control,” and proven techniques for higher level of performance in this breakthrough session.

Global Networking

The National Safety Council conference not only features world-class training sessions and seminars, but also provides a chance to network with other safety teams on a global scale. We are looking forward to several on-site events that offer a first-hand look at what goes on behind the scenes at both PETCO Park in San Diego and the safety operations at SDIA. We are ready to dig into all that the seminar has to offer this year… and we’re happy to bring these new practices and ideas back to help better educate our client base.

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