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Communications CIPT-Implementing Cisco Unified Communications IP Telephony v8.0 Part 2

CIPT-Implementing Cisco Unified Communications IP Telephony v8.0 Part 2


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This hands-on course focuses on advanced installation and configuration of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) v7 and v8 in global, multisite networks. Since globalization is key in today's business world, you'll learn how to use local route groups and global transformations to simplify the dial plan and prepare for globalization without implementing E.164 dialing. Then, you will investigate deploying E.164 and explore the challenges of globalization presented by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

Course Objectives

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Issues in multisite deployments and their solutions
  • Implement a variable-length on-net dial plan without globalization supporting multiple sites with overlapping extensions
  • Use new v7 and v8 features, including local route groups and global transformations
  • Transition to a globalized E.164 dial plan
  • Issues with globalization in the NANP
  • Implement call-processing resiliency in remote sites using SRST, MGCP fallback, and CUCM Express
  • Implement CAC to manage calling and prevent oversubscription of the IP WAN
  • Implement mobility features such as CUCM Device Mobility and CUCM Extension Mobility
  • Explore the use of gatekeepers and SAF for intercluster routing
  • Configure and implement solutions to reduce bandwidth requirements in the IP WAN
  • Implement H.323 and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) gateways
  • Call Control Discovery (CCD) and the Service Advertisement Framework (SAF)
  • RSVP and SIP Precondition

Topics Covered

1. Multisite Deployments
  • Identifying Issues
  • Multisite Deployment Solutions
  • Multisite Connections
  • Multisite Deployment Dial Plan

2. Centralized Call Processing Redundancy
  • Remote-Site Redundancy Options
  • Cisco Unified SRST and MGCP Fallback
  • CUCM Express in SRST Mode

3. Bandwidth Management and Call Admission Control

4. Features and Applications for Multisite Deployments
  • Device Mobility
  • Extension Mobility

5. IP Telephony Security
  • Service Advertisement Framework

Lab 1: Topology and Deployment
Lab 2: CUCM Initial Setup
Lab 3: Enhanced - HQ Common Configuration
Lab 4: Exclusive - IP Phone and IP Communicator Phone Load
Lab 5: Enhanced - H.323 Gateway at HQ: Global Protocol Configuration and Incoming Calls
Lab 6: Enhanced - Gateway Lab: SIP Trunks
Lab 7: Exclusive - Variable-Length On-Net Dial Plan
Lab 8: Enhanced - Outgoing to PSTN at HQ via H.323 PRI
Lab 9: Exclusive - CUBE: SIP to SIP to PSTN
Lab 10: Enhanced - Line/Device: Geographic Routing
Lab 11: Exclusive - Digit Manipulation in NANP using Global Transformations
Lab 12: Enhanced - Tail End Hop Off
Lab 13: Exclusive - SRND 8.x Variable-Length On-Net Dial Plan
Lab 14: Enhanced - European Branch Deployment
Lab 15: Enhanced - SRST and CFUR
Lab 16: Enhanced - SRST using CME
Lab 17: Multisite: Regions
Lab 18: MOH and Software Conferencing
Lab 19: Hardware Conference Bridge
Lab 20: Transcoder
Lab 21: Multisite: Locations
Lab 22: Enhanced - Automated Alternate Routing
Lab 23: Enhanced - Device Mobility
Lab 24: Extension Mobility
Lab 25: Exclusive - Gatekeeper-Controlled H.323 Intercluster Trunks (Optional)
Lab 26: Exclusive - Dial Plan Lab: H.323 Gatekeeper-Controlled Trunk
Lab 27: Enhanced - Service Advertisement Framework
Lab 28: Exclusive - SAF with RSVP and SIP Precondition
Lab 29: Enhanced - E.164 Dial Plan
Lab 30: Enhanced - Line/Device: Class of Service (Optional)
Lab 31: Gateway Lab: MGCP Global Protocol Configuration (Optional)
Lab 32: Exclusive - Gateway Lab: MGCP FXS

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To ensure your success in this course, it is recommended that you first take:

  • ICOMM - Introducing Cisco Voice and UC Administration v8.0
  • CVOICE - Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and QoS v8.0
  • CIPT1 - Implementing Cisco Unified Communications IP Telephony Part 1 v8.0

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