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Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Captivate 8.0 Introduction

Adobe Captivate 8.0 Introduction


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This course is designed for beginners and intermediate Adobe Captivate 5 users who want to create software demonstrations and interactive simulations.

Course Objectives

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explore the Adobe Captivate 5 environment.
  • Create a project.
  • Update a project.
  • Record and modify audio.
  • Add quizzes.
  • Publish a project.
  • Organize projects.

Topics Covered

Lesson 1: Exploring the Adobe Captivate 5 Environment
  • Topic 1A: Explore the Captivate Interface
  • Topic 1B: Customize the Captivate Interface

Lesson 2: Creating a Project
  • Topic 2A: Record a Project
  • Topic 2B: Modify a Project
  • Topic 2C: Insert Images
  • Topic 2D: Insert Animations

Lesson 3: Updating a Project
  • Topic 3A: Insert Additional Slides
  • Topic 3B: Insert Objects
  • Topic 3C: Apply Styles

Lesson 4: Adding Audio
  • Topic 4A: Record Audio
  • Topic 4B: Modify Audio

Lesson 5: Adding Quizzes
  • Topic 5A: Insert Question Slides
  • Topic 5B: Create a Question Pool
  • Topic 5C: Evaluate User Performance

Lesson 6: Publishing a Project
  • Topic 6A: Prepare to Publish Projects
  • Topic 6B: Publish Projects

Lesson 7: Organizing Projects
  • Topic 7A: Create Aggregator Projects
  • Topic 7B: Publish Aggregator Projects

Appendix A: Collaboration and Review


Before taking this course, students should be familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and basic computer terminologies.

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