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Excel 2013 Advanced

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 3.25 
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Audience: Microsoft Excel users

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e-learning Tutorials: designed as a learning experience, not just "watch someone do it".

In a (good) live class, teachers talk about why you would want to do something, real-world applications, and hidden power-tips. Good teachers also review to tell you what the important points to remember are. So why are these things almost always missing in video learning? We don't just show. We teach!

Our videos are designed for you to follow along in real life.

When you take a class, the teacher explains concepts, shows you how, reviews the important points, and asks you to try it yourself, right?  That's how our videos work. They even pause themselves while you give your new skills a whirl.

We teach more than just button pushing; Also learn skills, theories, and ideas!

Have you ever watched a video tutorial online? They just showed you something and left you to figure out the practical application, right? Not us! We want you to really learn.

Practice assignments to help with retention

When you learn something new, you have to practice, right? Sometimes new students are at a loss for what they should do to build retention. That's why we have practice assignments, to advise you what to try by yourself. It's like homework that you'll like! Plus, you don't have to turn it in.


Excel is the worlds most popular spreadsheet program. Millions of people use it to track, store, arrange and calculate data.


Office workers, business people, teachers, support staff, and anyone who wants to use the computer to track, figure out, and report information.

Topics Covered

Creating Forms

  • Named Ranges
  • Logical Functions
  • IF Functions
  • Nested Functions
  • LOOKUP Functions
  • Database Function SUMIF
  • Database Function AVERAGEIF
  • Database Function SUMIF's
  • IFERROR Functions
  • VLOOKUP Range
  • Date Functions

Creating Reports

  • Consolidate Data
  • Consolidate with Different Layouts
  • Introduction to Goal Seek Tool
  • Goal Seek Tool
  • Installing Solver Tool Add In
  • Solver Basic Sheet
  • The Solver Tool
  • PMT Data Table Worksheet
  • Data Table Command
  • Two Variable Data Table
  • Scenario Manager
  • Adding Developers Tab
  • Recording a Macro
  • Running Your Macro
  • Recording Macros with Relative References
  • Record a Formatting Macro
  • Better Formatting Macro

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