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Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint 2013:  Adding Media

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013: Adding Media

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  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Audience: Microsoft PowerPoint users

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In this online training series, we will learn how to insert a video and audio file into a slide from a file on your computer and from an online source in PowerPoint® 2013. From how trim a video and audio clip to exploring the audio and video tools' contextual tabs, this training series shows you how to get the most out of the media controls in this program.


Topics Covered

Getting Started
  • What you'll learn in this training

Adding Audio
  • Inserting an audio file as an icon
  • Using the preview properties option
  • Using the media controls
  • Using the audio tools contextual tab
  • Trimming a video or audio clip
  • Assigning audio to an object
  • Adding a CD audio track to a slide

Adding Video
  • Embedding a video into a slide
  • Inserting video from file
  • Using the media controls
  • Inserting video from a Web site
  • Using the video tools contextual tab
  • Using the poster frame tool

Subject Matter Expert

About the Author

Sarah Holder
Before starting with Atomic Learning, Sarah was an instrumental music teacher for 15 years. While teaching band, she worked on and completed a Master's degree in educational technology.
"I enjoy helping others solve problems and learn new things.  From a former teacher perspective, the training Atomic Learning creates is such a useful tool for teachers and students to enhance their classroom and learning experience," Sarah says. "It's exciting to help provide that important piece of the education puzzle."  
Sarah continues to have a passion for music, as well. "If I could spend one day doing whatever I want, I would spend it making music with a group of folks who love to create and share music," she shared.

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