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The process modeling course provides the participants the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge essential for applying the most effective techniques in modeling a business for analysis of the current state and for the design of the future state. The application of the techniques will be presented as part of an overall framework identifying key deliverables and the major steps from modeling and analyzing the current state to the design of the future state. The measure of performance of the program is for the participants to reach the level of proficiency needed to apply the techniques and analytical framework in their work assignments.

Course Objectives

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define, document and improve your critical business processes
  • Recognize the benefits of properly analyzing and defining your business processes; understand the risks involved with not doing so
  • Apply real-world examples that specifically address the successful approaches for analyzing business problems and processes
  • Know the difference between various models such as business, process, data, object and workflow
  • Utilize customer-focused process improvement techniques that will deliver exactly what is needed
  • Streamline business processes as you identify and eliminate non-value-added tasks
  • Design workflow and process models to ensure clarity and meet customer expectations
  • Apply problem solving and root-cause analysis techniques that are simple, easy to understand, yet extremely effective.
  • Add many useful tips and techniques to your business analyst ""toolbox"" including essential skills for analyzing, designing, measuring and verifying your business processes.

Topics Covered

Section 1. Why Models
  • Why succinct graphic models are powerful

Section 2. Basics of Business Process Models
  • Fundamentals of BPMN
  • Business Organization and levels of models
  • Flowcharts, Swim lanes, and other notations

Section 3. Process Descriptions
  • Describe process models
  • Describe elements in models

Section 4. Decision and Alternatives
  • Alternative flows
  • Different scenarios of the same use case

Section 5. Activity Tabulation
  • Organization and classifying activities
  • Who performs activities and context

Section 6. Validating the Current State
  • Identifying the business event and data
  • Process modeling execution rules
  • Validating models against the business

Section 7. Assessing Process Performance
  • Business Strategies
  • Key performance indicators
  • Root cause analysis

Section 8. Designing the Future State (""to-be"") Model
  • Establishing goals and targets
  • Identifying alternative strategies
  • Costs and benefits of process improvement
  • Using Process models to Define requirements

Exercise Summary

Exercise 1 ” Share your goals for the class
Exercise 2 ” Compare product requirements
Exercise 3 ” Identify use cases and scenarios
Exercise 4 ” Create basic process models
Exercise 5 ” Write descriptions for process
Exercise 6 ” Use decision and alternative structures
Exercise 7 ” Tabulate contents of process models
Exercise 8 ” Add concurrency to process models
Exercise 9 ” Create process models using time
Exercise 10 Create single object state models
Exercise 11 Create state models for second objects
Exercise 12 Create collaboration models
Exercise 13 Simulate process models
Exercise 14 Review what you've learned and compare it to your beginning objectives

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