Instructional Design Consulting


  • Recommended for:

    • Subject matter experts exploring elearning for the first time
    • Authors looking for a second pair of eyes to help confirm effectiveness and strategy

    Common Instructional Design Activities
    • Perform needs analysis
    • Define audience
    • Define performance and learning objectives
    • Strategize on approach
    • Structure course
    • Design and review content
    • Analyze assessment items (pilot testing, or after release to learners)
    • Review course and present recommendations

    • For use with LCMS (Course Creation System)

    Technical Notes
    • This offering assumes the existence of an LCMS account.

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    • System Requirements For use with LCMS (Course Creation System)

    “The extra strategy help early in the project, I think, made a huge difference in course effectiveness and learner satisfaction! Recommended!”

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