Pool Hall

Game Template

  • Pool Hall allows learners to choose a character, then, takes them through a series of pool shots. Each table focuses on a particular knowledge area. If the learner answers correctly, the game progresses to the next table. If the learner answers incorrectly, further shots are taken (additional questions in this knowledge area are asked). Each session, learners may be asked up to three questions on a given area before being moved forward. Questions randomize to provide extensive opportunity for practice.

    Recommended Usage

    Application or skill-based problems, categorized by type or objective

    Content Requirements
    • Technical minimum: 9 multiple-choice questions
    • Recommended minimum: 54 multiple-choice questions (six or more questions per table)


    When the learner answers correctly, content-specific feedback reinforces thought process. If the learner answers incorrectly, explanatory feedback is given.

    • For use with LCMS (Course Creation System)
    • Unlimited use in system

    Technical Notes
    • This template is built into the LCMS.
    • It may be used an unlimited number of times in LCMS courses.
    • This template includes Flash components that may not be compatible with some tablet devices.

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    • System Requirements For use with LCMS (Course Creation System) Unlimited use in system

    “Practice is critical to the subject matter I cover. Games help challenge my students to identify gaps in their knowledge and improve their performance.”

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