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6 Awesome Closing Gifts Agents Give New Homeowners

James clark July 5, 2013 0

360training Q3 blog 1You work hard to build relationships with your clients.

You helped them find the house that’s right for them. Now show them that you’re thankful for their business with a “closing gift.” Put yourself in their shoes. House-hunting, then moving, is a stressful experience for most people. A token of your gratitude, however small, is a gesture that could mean a lot to them.

Houseplants, toaster ovens and fruit baskets make good closing gifts, but they’re not incredibly original. Gift cards are practical, but they don’t have flair. Sometimes your relationship with the homeowners doesn’t run that deep, so there’s no need to show a lot of originality or flair. That’s okay!

But in many (if not most) transactions, you want a closing gift that will wow the buyers. Something that will remind them of the work you did on their behalf. Something that their first houseguests will see and ask about. “Our amazing agent got us that!” they’ll say. “It was our first housewarming gift.” If the guest hears that and also happens to be in the market for a new home, do you think he or she might be inclined to ask for a referral? Of course they will.

What you choose depends on your budget, your relationship with the client and your promotional goals. But here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • A small collection of gourmet food items is a good idea. Think of things they’ll appreciate having around while they’re unpacking, but make sure they’re items that are a step above trail mix and potato chips. A six-pack of craft beer, some imported chocolates and some tropical fruit might be nice.
  • Flowers are a safe bet. They don’t last for long, but they can make the first few days in your clients’ new home a little nicer. And it doesn’t hurt that every time they walk by the flowers (and smell them), they’ll be reminded how awesome their agent is.
  • A personalized door mat is a cute idea. What says “welcome” (both to guests and to the new homeowners) more than something with their name on it at the front door?
  • If the homeowners just moved to the neighborhood, consider getting something emblematic of the area they’ve chosen to make their new home.
  • A decorative bowl for pocket change and car keys near the door is a good idea.
  • An artistic, framed photograph or painting could be the first adornment for their walls. Commission a local artist to paint the house itself for a unique gift the homeowners will treasure.

When possible, make sure your gift is branded with your contact information, or at least your name and the name of your agency. A small inscription saying who it’s from could keep you and your services on their minds for years to come.

These are just some ideas to inspire you. If you have some other ideas, please leave them in the comments below. The important thing for agents to remember is that their job, indeed their entire industry, is built on relationships. Going out of your way to deliver a welcoming, personal touch will go a long way toward establishing these relationships.

In the end, the best closing gift won’t come from you to your client. It’ll come from your client to you, and it’ll be the sweetest gift you can get in the real estate business—a referral. Effective, client-focused communication is more than an online course we offer here at 360training.com; it’s an approach you can take to build a successful career in real estate.

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