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The Key To Building A Learning Culture Within An Organization

Effective Analytics December 3, 2013 0

An organization’s learning culture is a process where the company accepts and encourages a continuous learning environment, one that enables organizations to shift to a more interconnected way of thinking and is open to continuous transformation.

learning cultureIf you want to create a learning culture in your workplace, the first step is to alter the way your leaders see your company.  Some of the key steps are:

  •  Create individual training and development plans in your organization as a formal process
  • Encourage and recognize those who learn new skills and improve their abilities
  • Regularly hold sessions and polls to evaluate the benefits of training and development versus the cost of training invested
  • Encourage internal job postings and try to recruit from inside the organization
  • Develop a formal process of knowledge and information sharing

Effective learning cultures are those that are business related and not academic. With an strong learning culture, employees are more motivated, loyal, proactive and productive. It also impacts job satisfaction, increases retention and improves employee engagement.

Many organizations, such as 360HPL, believe ongoing training to be a necessary investment. They think employees will be successful when employees develop their strengths and abilities. Likewise, the leaders at 360training.com encourage processes that deliver superior performance and better products and services. The CEO of 360training.com, Ed Sattar has a compelling vision for continuous learning and seeing people operate in extraordinary ways. Through his leadership, 360training.com.com encourages its employees to broaden their horizons and hone their skills by indulging in ongoing training and development programs such as:

  1. New Employee Orientations – Ensuring the on-boarding transition for every new hire is as smooth as possible
  2. Mentoring and CoachingA professional developmental relationship in which an experienced or knowledgeable person helps a new employee
  3. In-house Training –  Instructor lead training session – ILT
  4. External Training (seminar, workshops etc) – Line Managers nominate their team member for any external training that will add value to the employee’s ability or knowledge
  5. On-the-job Training – One-on-one education located at the job site
  6. eLearning Program –eLearning courses developed by 360training.com.com are available to employees for free, and employees are always encouraged to participate in them
  7. Manager Lead Trainings – An annual training schedule displaying open training sessions conducted by Senior Managers are shared with all employees at the start of each year
  8. Lead to Read – Employees are encouraged to read at least two books that will help improve their skills each year
  9. Certification and Licensing – Third-party endorsement of an employee’s professional knowledge and experience via certification or licensing
  10. Long-term Training for Bachelors and Masters Programs – Through a tuition reimbursement program

Building a learning culture begins with leaders that reinforce training and those who are supportive to the learning environment.

Are your leaders open to a continuous transformation process and practice?

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