Obtaining California's Real Estate License

California-Real-Estate-License Anyone who would like to obtain a Real Estate license in the state of California must comply with a set of bureaucratic standards. Those who fail to meet the state's strict criteria will not be able to legally operate as a Real Estate salesperson.

Why You Need to Apply for a California Real Estate License

The state requires that candidates meet specific standards for a variety of reasons. Some argue that the state desires additional revenue so it creates bureaucratic criteria including the payment of fees as well as payments for training and classes that stimulate the local economy. However, there is a more logical reason for the state's extensive requirements. If there were no standards for acting as a Real Estate agent in the state of California, unqualified individuals would preside over highly complicated Real Estate transactions. If untrained, faux-Real Estate agents were to work on these transactions, it would create all sorts of havoc. There would be mistakes in the sales paperwork, an infinite number of ensuing conflicts between buyers and sellers and no standards of agent conduct. In summary, the application process exists to prove a candidate's merit as a potential Real Estate agent as well as his commitment to working in this career field.

What are the Requirements to get a California Real Estate License?

One cannot simply fill out the California Real Estate license application, pay a fee and receive the license. On the contrary, there are a number of steps involved in the process that each candidate must satisfy to the state's standards and timeline. In order to obtain the California Real Estate license, the candidate must be at least 18 years of age. He must prove that he legally resides in the United States. Additionally, the candidate must provide proof that he has graduated from high school. If the candidate fails to disclose past criminal offenses, he can be denied the license. It is also required that the candidate be honest and of good character. The license is only available to those who have worked for two full years as a full-time licensed salesperson in the past five years. Such work must be conducted beneath an individual who has professional experience as either a salesperson or as a broker. Alternatively, a candidate can meet the experience requirement by proving that his past experiences equate to the mandatory standard. The experience must be proven through valid documentation with California's Employment Verification RE 226 form. The candidate should provide the form to his employing salesperson or broker for proper preparation.

Where Candidates can Find Courses for a California Real Estate License

Those interested in obtaining the California Real Estate license can take BRE-approved university level Real Estate courses at local colleges. Kaplan also provides an array of qualified education options available on the world wide web. There are eight total courses that each lasts 45 hours. The courses are as follows: Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Economics / Accounting and the candidate's choice of three of the following classes: Computer Applications in Real Estate, Advanced Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Office Administration, Common Interest Developments, Real Estate Law, Business Law and Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending. Where do Candidates Take the Courses? As noted above, candidates for the California Real Estate courses can complete the 135 hours worth of education at traditional college campuses or on the world wide web. Once the coursework has been completed, the next steps of the California Real Estate license application process can be pursued. Plenty of students obtain assistance with these courses and preparation for the real estate licensing exam through 360training.com. Do not lose sight of the fact that these are demanding college level courses. There is no shame in leaning on 360training.com to make sure that you don't waste your time and money in pursuit of your California Real Estate license. What is the Cost of Getting a California Real Estate License? A California Real Estate license is not free. Those who reside in the state of California are required to pay a $95 fee to take the licensing exam. It is also important to note that the license renewal fee is $300.

What are the Steps/Timeline?

Aside from the coursework detailed above, every California Real Estate agent must also be fingerprinted and pass a background check. There is a $56 fee for fingerprinting. Once the candidate passes the California Real Estate license exam, he will be sent a license application. This document must be filled out and returned along with course transcripts. At this point, the California Bureau of Real Estate will review the candidate's documents. If all of the materials are properly filled out and each criterion is met, the license will be granted.

Where do Candidates Take the Exam?

Contact the California Department of Real Estate on the web or in-person to obtain the application for the California Real Estate Agent Examination. Complete the application along with the fee detailed above and submit them to the California Department of Real Estate. The exam takes around 5 hours. Candidates can take the exam at a California Broker Examination station. These sites are found in Fresno, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento.

What is the Average Income for a Real Estate Agent?

You will likely enjoy a comfortable living once you obtain your California Real Estate license. On average, California Real Estate agents tend to earn between $40,000 and $80,000 per year. Yet plenty of California Real Estate agents earn more than six figures in a calendar year. The salary level differs by each property values. Real Estate agents make their money by taking a cut of each sale. This percentage is referred to as the commission. Certain cities like Los Angeles are home to multi-millionaire Real Estate agents while those who work in smaller towns with lower property values make considerably less money. The agent's work ethic, location and industry connections all play significant roles in determining his yearly salary.   Sources: http://www.indeed.com/salary/q-Real-Estate-Agent-l-California.html http://www.dre.ca.gov/Examinees/OutOfState.html https://www.realestateexpress.com/prelicense/ca/staterequirements.asp http://www1.salary.com/CA/real-estate-agent-salary.html http://journal.firsttuesday.us/the-rises-and-declines-of-real-estate-licensees/2983/

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