New Year, New You: Career Resolutions


Here's the thing: By the time you read this post, 2015 is already upon you. You might think that it's too late to make resolutions, but don't be fooled. You can make resolutions no matter the time of year. That's right! At this very moment, you can make resolutions that can change your life for the better. Here's a quick look at some career resolutions that can help to build a better career and become a better professional 

Go to school

If you want to enter a new line of work that you aren't familiar with, then you need to train and prepare yourself—and one of the best ways to do this is by going to school. Whether it be a community college or a four-year university, education is crucial to your ability to land a job.

Get plenty of hands-on experience

Another excellent way to familiarize yourself with a new line of work is by getting plenty of hands-on experience. To do this, you might want to consider taking part in an internship. You can often find these types of positions at well-known, reputable companies—and some of them even offer paid internship opportunities.

Ask for a raise

If you just started your job three months ago, then it's probably best to skip this resolution. But if you've been working hard for any length of time longer than 90 days—and you think you deserve it—then go ahead and ask for a raise. Regardless of the amount, this raise will eventually bring you closer to a nice vacation or even a new gadget.

Find a better job

If you're noticing the red flags at work, then why not start a new path and get a different job that you actually enjoy? But if you're still not sure about the career that fits you best, you can always take a career assessment test. Your answers to these questions will help you to pinpoint specific careers that match your interests and preferences.

Widen your network

In one way or another, careers still depend on networking. In 2015, why don’t you take advantage of the networking strategies that can boost your career and professional development? Always keep your eyes open for more opportunities.

Get in shape

A simple 20-minute workout may not sound like something that comes to mind when you want to improve your career. But the truth is, the more in shape you are, the better you'll feel about yourself and your productivity. In fact, research has shown that people who are involved in regular physical activities have fewer instances of burnout at work. According to the study, those who worked out for at least four hours a week reported the most notable benefits.

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