How to Choose the Right Career Training or University?

Posted On: October 19, 2017
The number one advantage of a career training program is the ability to choose training targeted to your specific career goals. You will appreciate the ability to learn using a hands-on approach that allows you to achieve your goals in less time. An online class can be completed remotely from your home at your convenience. You can count on a time frame of weeks or a few months to learn a new skill. In addition, by focusing on those specific skills needed for a job, your costs will be much less than a traditional 4-year university. You may receive help getting a job quickly once training is complete as many programs include job placement services. Some traditional programs offered include Medical Billing, Nursing Assistant, and Healthcare Management. Information Technology (IT) programs in Network Security, Software Applications, and Graphic Design are other rewarding career paths. Project Management may be beneficial to your current career. Demand for trained employees in cutting-edge green-energy industries will certainly continue to grow. Train for highly paid, in-demand careers like wind-energy technician, biofuel worker, and solar installer. Not all students will benefit from a career training program. There are advantages to a traditional university program. You may find university education to be a more balanced approach. Universities offer both undergraduate programs and graduate studies. You are expected to complete a set of general education classes. You may be asked to take classes in American Literature, Algebra, Biology, and Government. Before graduation, you learn critical thinking and reasoning. You learn how to work in teams, make decisions, and solve complex problems. You are expected to have a strong general education prior to your graduate studies. You choose a major area to study, such as Business, Criminal Justice, Art, or Music. To complete post-graduate work, a wide knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences is necessary. If you want to become a lawyer or doctor, you are expected to complete many years of study. The drawbacks to a university education include the possibility of unmet career expectations, becoming over-qualified for your chosen job market, and being burdened with debt. A third option is a two-year community college, which offers benefits of both a career training program and university program. If you are interested in a university degree, be aware that not all courses you complete at a community college level will transfer from one school to another.


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