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Continuous In-Tank Leak Detection

Janet Cornett July 2, 2018 0

In 2015, Continuous In-Tank Leak Detection [CITLD] was added as a release detection method through a Federal Underground Storage Tank [UST] Regulation. The regulation also establishes requirements for CITLD’s operation and maintenance.


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What is Continuous In-Tank Leak Detection?

Any and all methods based in statistics where measurements are gathered incrementally by a system on an uninterrupted basis to determine the leak status of a tank.

Compliance with Regulation

  • CITLD Methods Can Be Employed for Tanks Installed Before or On April 11, 2016
  • Measurements are Gathered Incrementally Within a 30-Day Monitoring Period

Release Detection Methods

There Are Two [2] Major Groups:

  1. Continual Reconciliation
  2. Continuous Statistical Release Detection [Continuous Automatic Tank Gauging or ATG]

* Inventory Measurements are Obtained Through Permanently Installed Sensors in the Tank by Both Groups

  • A Microprocessor or Other Control Console is Used to Process Data in the ATG System
  • Dispensing Meters Which Allow for Automatic Recording and Use of Dispensing Data are Employed in the Continual Reconciliation Method

Requirements of Regulation

“CITLD must be able to detect a leak at least 0.2 gallon per hour with a probability

of detection of at least 95 percent and a probability of false alarm of no more than 5 percent.”

CITLD must be able to detect a leak at least 0.2 gallon per hour with a probability of detection… Click To Tweet

The following must be performed on release detection equipment annually:

  • Verification of the controller’s system configuration
  • Testing of alarm operability and battery backup
  • Inspection of probes and sensors to detect possible residual build-up
  • Inspections to ensure cables are break- and kink- free, shaft is undamaged, and floats are moving freely
  • Recording of all these tests for a minimum of three [3] years

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