EHS Round-Up: April 6, 2018


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  1. Workplace Noise Exposure Linked to Heart Disease
A CDC study has found a link between loud workplace noise and high blood pressure and high cholesterol in workers.
  1. $1 Million Settlement between OSHA and Auto Parts Manufacturer
Sunfield Inc., must hire an EHS professional and pay $1 million in fines for OSHA violations found after workers were seriously injured by moving machine parts.
  1. Mine Worker Fatally Electrocuted
The second coal mining fatality in 2018, a mining machine operator died after coming into contact with a 7,200-volt energized circuit.
  1. Employer Charged with Felony Manslaughter for Worker’s Death
In a first, a construction company owner is facing manslaughter charges after a worker died in an unsecured trench.

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