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Elements of Suspended Scaffold Safety – Infographic

Janet Cornett July 29, 2018 0

Suspended Scaffolds are commonly used in high-rise construction. They are also used by window washers when working on skyscrapers.


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Suspended Scaffolds are commonly used in high-rise construction. They are also used by window… Click To Tweet

To Use Suspended Scaffolds Safely

The inherent dangers of working on such heights mean certain safety procedures and precautions are highly necessary.


It is important to support the weight of the scaffold itself, and its occupant[s], by providing secure anchorage.


Scaffolds must be supported by the structure to which they are attached, and by each component of the anchorage system.


Suspended scaffolds should ideally be accessed from either the ground or a rooftop.

Fall Protection

Falls from heights represent one of the leading causes for construction worker injuries and fatalities. Workers should, therefore, be provided with fall arrest systems, and guardrail systems must be installed on the scaffolds.


The platform – where workers stand on the scaffold – should be inspected regularly for safety to protect against structural weaknesses.


If possible, suspended scaffolds should not be used in cases of damaged structural components, excessive loads, and extreme weather conditions.

Electrical Hazards

Ensure proper clearance and maintenance where scaffolds are to be used in close vicinity to overhead power lines.

Competent Persons/Personnel Training

Ensure the presence of trained workers with the ability to assess and oversee proper scaffold design, erection, use, and maintenance.

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