EM-385 Training FAQ

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Q: How do I know EM-385-1-1 Training is right for me?

The course is designed for SSHOs or Site Safety Health Officers who work on contracts that are under EM-385-1-1. The course can also be used to increase awareness among workers who are contracted to work on projects that are funded by the government. You need this training if you are a:

The course is designed for SSHOs or Site Safety Health Officers who work on contracts that are under EM-385-1-1. Click To Tweet

  • Military grade employee who must adhere to EM-385-1-1 standards
  • Federal or military employee who has to comply with these standards
  • Contractor who is responsible for military installations or involved in any military project

Q: What does EM mean?

The EM in EM 385 is an abbreviation for ‘Engineers Manual.’

Q: Is it mandatory?

The requirements that are mentioned in the EM-385-1-1 standards manual are mandatory for anyone working in the US Army Corps or on military contracts.

Q: Do the EM-385-1-1 standards have anything to do with OSHA?

While some EM-385-1-1 requirements are similar to OSHA requirements, certain health issues pertaining to the Army Corp are not covered by the latter. These include site inspections, safety management, and employee training among others.

Q: How do I request clarification of a requirement?

In order to request this, you need to follow a specific process in the EM-385-1-1, USACE Safety and Health Requirements Manual. The information you need can be found in Appendix M. All requests must be submitted for interpretation through the proper chain of command. Requests for requirement clarifications from local safety and health offices can be made vie phone. However, please be advised that any answers received from this source will be considered general advice and not actual interpretations. No requests outside the USACE will be entertained.

Q: What kinds of immunizations will I need before I am deployed?

Those will depend on the location where you are being deployed to. You can find out about immunizations you need according to your country on the website of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) right on their Travel page. You might also need additional immunizations as required by the Department of Defense or the US Army. For a comprehensive list of immunizations, visit the USACE Deployment page.

40-hour EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety & Health

To get more answers to pressing questions concerning EM 385-1-1, sign up for 360Training’s 40-hour EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety & Health course today. Students who complete this course will be in adherence to the US Army Corps of Engineers Contractor Safety Standards. This compliance is necessary for all personnel who are working on military grade contracts and projects. As such, the course is crucial for employees in the government and in the military who need to comply with EM 385-1-1. It is taught by instructors who have experience in real life scenarios. The course covers 40 hours of information that is relevant as per the Safety and Health requirements manual for the US Army Corps and OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) standards for contractors. The main objectives of the course include:
  • How to create an APP or Accident Prevention Plan that is site-specific
  • Increasing awareness of SSHO responsibilities and qualifications
  • How to increase the safety of health officers or SSHOs and workers who are involved in federal and military contracts, service, and construction projects
  • How to ensure all personnel involved in federal and military contracts and work have all the knowledge they need to determine unsafe work conditions
  • How to create AHA or Activity Hazard Analysis documents and how to develop them further
  • How to act as a competent SSHO or Site Safety Health Official
  • Importance of training site personnel
  • Importance of determining worksite hazards
  • Incident response and reporting
  • Safe and proper use of hand power tools
  • Requirements for safe access to ladders and protection against openings
  • Proper material handling, storage, and disposal
  • Proper methods for fall protection
  • Proper safety measures for excavations and trenching
  • Recognizing changes in the 2014 version of EM 385-1-1
  • Understanding the need for PPE or Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire protection essentials
  • General requirements for basic safety standards
We also offer 8-Hour EM 385 refresher training. Sign up for your appropriate course today, and ensure you are protected out in the field.

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