How to Be an Excel Ninja

Posted On: October 24, 2016
How To Be An Excel Ninja

Microsoft Excel is more than just a spreadsheet creation program. With a robust array of features that are hard to come by in just about any other professional-grade solution, Excel truly has something to offer people in nearly every industry - provided that you know how to unlock its true potential. If you really want to become the Excel ninja you were always meant to be, there are a few key tips you'll want to keep in mind.

Use Forms to Input Data Easier Than Ever Before

If you want to significantly streamline the amount of time it takes to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet, let forms be the asset you need when you need it the most. Use the "Form" button in the ribbon toolbar (or use the "Customize the Ribbon" command to add the button if it isn't there) to create a new data entry form. Next, create the headers and first row of data entries by entering the relevant information into the boxes on screen. Once you've added your first set of data via a form, you can continue to right-click in your data set and click the "Form" button to easily add similar data moving forward.

Perform Basic Math

Many people don't realize that it's also possible to perform calculations using the data you've already entered in spreadsheet cells. If you want to add two boxes together, for example, click inside a new blank cell and insert the following command: =SUM(A1,B1) That will add cells A1 and B1 together, presenting you with the total in the box you've selected. You can also use symbols like +, =, / and * to adjust the type of calculations you're performing.

Statistics Are Your Friend

If you find statistics intimidating, don't : Microsoft Excel is the best friend you've ever had, you just didn't realize it until now. If you want to find the average of two cells, for example, place your cursor inside a blank cell and use the following command: =AVERAGE(A1:A10) That will find the average of all the totals in cells A1 to A10. You can replace those cell indicators with whichever ones are relevant to your current project.

Easily Find Formulas

Do you know you want to use a formula for a calculation but aren't sure where to begin? Hold down the "CTRL" and "+" buttons on your keyboard to reveal the "Show Formulas" option. This will give you a breakdown of exactly which formulas are available, along with the exact syntax you need to use them properly.

Paste Special

When you copy and paste information from one cell to another, do you notice that certain information like cell values is NOT making the transition the way you need it to? This has to do with the default settings of the Excel "Paste" command which, thankfully, you can customize to better suit your needs. Select the "Edit" menu and click "Paste Special" to bring up the box of the same name. You can configure exactly how "Paste" works, which associated operations are performed, whether or not you transpose or skip blanks, and so much more.

Tips like these underline not only how powerful Excel can be, but why Microsoft Excel training courses are so important in the first place. At, we have self-paced and mobile-compatible online Excel training and related courses to help you get the most out of this mission-critical software. Mastery of Excel enables you to work smarter, not harder, automating certain daily tasks and reallocating your attention to where it can do the most good in your life. If you'd like to find out about Excel courses or any of the other online training options we offer, contact today for more information.  

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